5 Best 22 Air Rifles On Amazon

5 Best .22 Air Rifles Reviews [2022]and Buyer Guide You Need Today!

Do you possess an air rifle? If not, you need one now to ensure that you don’t miss out on an impeccable experience of hunting and sporting.

You must be thinking that you already have a plethora of guns and rifles in your cabinet, so why do you need to purchase a .22 air rifle?

The fabulous thing about them is that they are powerful and elevate the spirit of your sport to another level.

Precision and long-range shooting are vital factors contributing to these rifles’ uniqueness, making them a fashionable item for all gaming enthusiasts!

If you need an air rifle, then rest assured that you have come to the right place. Below, we will enlighten you with everything there is to the art of choosing the best .22 air rifles for your next adventure!

What are .22 Air Rifles, and how do they work?

The .22 Air rifle is, in general, popular owing to its compatibility, portability, and range. Thus, if you need to take a precise shot, or require a helping hand to make the hunting process all the more seamless for you, then these are fantastic!

What are .22 Air Rifles, and how do they work?

Do you want to know what you can hunt with a .22 air rifle?

Let us tell you that all the small species such as rabbits and squirrels can be hunted with it. Even a deer hunt is a possibility with these babies!

How Find Best Air Rifle For Money

Before you buy them, some things to bear in mind are:

The budget:

What is the budget you are going for? No doubt .22 are invaluable air rifles, but you need to set a cost before you can start purchasing the one that suits you.

The need:

You have to identify what it is that you need the .22 for. If it is for the long-distance shooting of animals such as raccoons, or pigeons, then the .22 air rifles are indeed the best.

The power:

You need an air rifle that comes with a good warranty and is able to last you a long time. Here, you have to compare the specifications of the rifles you have in mind and make a wise decision.


There are air rifles that deliver up to 1000 fps, and others are restricted to 800 or 900 fps. You have to see what works for you and falls in alignment with your needs.


The air rifle you purchase must be accurate, and this is determined by a number of factors such as pellet size, the scope, and much more. You have to pay heed to all of the above to decide the rifle that best fulfills all of your demands.

When you buy one, you will notice that the Pneumatics and the Compressed Guns are two technologies bound to be found among Air Rifles.


Here, once your rifle’s reservoirs are pressurized, they will be able to shoot until you have exhausted the air stored in them.

Compressed gas:

The .22 air rifles operated in this way use removable gas cylinders as a powerhouse, which are already prefilled.

Now that you can instantly answer anyone who asks you, “What are .22 air rifles” let us continue to explore the air rifles that have been rated at the top by many consumers.

A Buying Guide to make the search easier:

The best .22 air rifles are those that in general are:

  • Less harmful to your ears, and therefore don’t entail the need for adequate ear protection.
  • Have less recoil, and are easy for newbies to train with, and
  • Our cost-efficient, in terms of ammunition. For instance, if you shoot through a regular rifle, your expenses could skyrocket as far as $700. But, with these rifles, you can get 500 rounds, and that too in only $20.

The .22 air rifles are extraordinary – they offer multiple advantages and exciting features.

Air Rifle NameCALWeight (lbs. / pounds)Price Tag
Hatsan 125.2211.6 pounds$314.99 – 349.99
Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter.226.75 lbs$192.00
Gamo Fusion Mach 1.228 pounds$269.99
Benjamin Kratos BPK22W.228.26 pounds$629.84
Gamo Swarm Whisper.225.43 Pounds$149
Diana RWS 34.227.55 lbs$355.25

Hatsan 125 .22 Air rifle:

The Hatsan HC125SN22 125 Sniper Combo Air Rifle is the power player of air guns.

Hatsan HC125SN22 125 Sniper Combo Air Rifle, .22, black

It combines a powerful, magnum-class spring piston with a rifled barrel for incredible accuracy.

The Hatsan 125 sniper rifle is a break barrel, spring piston air rifle. The maximum velocity this gun offers is up to 1000 fps.

It has an adjustable cheek rest and comes with a fixed TruGlo fiber optic open sights and a fully-adjustable rear sight.

This model also includes a combination 11mm and 22mm optics rail.

The Hatsan 125 Sniper has a black synthetic stock that is adjustable for length of pull with the supplied spacers.

It comes with a rubber recoil shoulder pad and SAS (Shock Absorber System) to reduce vibrations.

This magnum class air gun packs a punch with up to 31 ft/lbs of energy!

With its precision rifled barrel, 2-stage adjustable Quattro Trigger, and shock absorbing features, the Model 125 Sniper will put pellets on target with great precision.

The 125 Sniper features a sound moderator that reduces noise without affecting power, allowing you to hunt without spooking your prey or annoying your neighbors.


  • Improves the accuracy of your shots.
  • Not impacted by changes in weather or climate.
  • A silencer to protect your ears from the noise.
  • Cheek pieces and rubber pads to make the hunting convenient.
  • A shock absorber system.
  • No refills are needed.


  • Has some noise.
  • Does have chances of recoiling every now and then.
Hatsan HC125SN22 125 Sniper Combo Air Rifle, .22, black

However, if you are looking for the best 22 cal air gun light on your pockets, and will last you a lifetime, then the Hatsan rifle is something to consider.

Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter:

Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max Pellet Gun Air Rifle with Scope

If you’re looking for a high-quality air rifle at an affordable price, the Ruger Targis Hunter Max is the perfect fit.

The design is modeled after the extremely popular Ruger 10/22, making it feel like an extension of your hand.

With an adjustable 3-9×32 air rifle scope, you can extend your range further and get those hard to hit shots.

This air rifle fires .22 caliber pellets at 800 fps up to 45 yards with PBA Platinum Pellets and uses Crosman Carbon Air Ammo.

The stock has a checkered rubber insert to provide sure grip in hot or cold weather, wet or dry conditions.

It’s fitted with a comfortable rubber recoil pad and includes sling studs matched with an adjustable nylon sling for easy carrying.

You can also add the Umarex exclusive SilencAir sound dampener to further minimize downrange noise and maximize stealth by reducing sound up to 29db!

The rail platform will reduce vibration preserving its zero shot after shot. It’s powered by the Umarex TNT (Turbo Nitrogen Technology) power system that features an auto-indexing clip so you can load multiple pellets and have them all fire with one pull of the trigger.

This air rifle is designed with the outdoorsman in mind and was made for getting out in the woods so that you can practice your shooting skills easily.


  • Fully automatic
  • 800 fps velocity
  • 757 yards
  • A barreled rifle
  • Two adjustable triggers at your service
  • A Noise dampener to elevate the fun of shooting for you
  • Impeccable grip and an entirely shrouded barrel.
  • Portable, with a length of only 44.75.”


  • Instances reported of the scope not adjusting properly.
Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max Pellet Gun Air Rifle with Scope

If you are in need of the best 22 cal air gun that is loved by the globe at large, and comes with stellar warranties, as well as conveniences, then this is an ideal option.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach:

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 6110063254 Air Rifles .177 3-9x4

The Whisper Fusion Series is the next generation in air rifles, packing the punch of a high performance firearm without the noise.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle with Scope is a powerful air rifle designed for hunting small game and pest control.

Whisper Fusion is extremely powerful, sleek and whisper-quiet. They combine all the features and power of a high-end air rifle with the quietest performance available.

To achieve this, Gamo engineers designed an innovative, exclusive sound trap system and added it to our legendary Whisper pellet.

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle with Scope comes equipped with a CenterPoint 3-9x40mm scope, delivering clear images and improved accuracy at any distance.

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle with Scope also features an aluminum barrel for added strength, a rubber recoil pad for comfort and a noise reduction muzzle to reduce sound.

Plus, the new guns incorporate both a noise reduction muzzle and a full rubber recoil pad for maximum comfort and quieter shot.

Available in .177 caliber (1,420 fps) and .22 caliber (1,020 fps), the Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle with Scope is ideal for hunting small game and pest control.


  • Patented with Fusion technology for quieter shots
  • Smooth and has less vibration
  • Comprises of a Custom Action Trigger depending on your preference
  • Not affected by weather changes.
  • Able to effectively absorb the recoil, which therefore enhances the rifle’s lifespan.


  • Safety catches within the trigger, and if not careful, you could accidentally end up pulling the trigger.
  • A little heavy
  • No cheeks rest available
Gamo Whisper Fusion

If you ever Google “what air rifles shoot .22 pellets?” the Gamo Fusion is going to be on the list.

Benjamin Kratos BPK22W:

Benjamin Kratos BPK22W

TheBenjamin Kratos BPK22W is multi-shot side lever Hunting Air Rifle is a great choice for medium sized game hunting or target shooting.

This pump-action rifle includes an adjustable trigger shoe, 12-shot rotary magazine and 60 shots per fill at 3000 psi.

This gun comes with a 12-shot rotary magazine. It has a shrouded rifled steel barrel and an adjustable trigger shoe for precise shooting.

It also features an adjustable cheek piece that allows you to adapt this gun to the user’s personal needs.

The Benjamin Kratos PCP-powered air rifle is crafted from Turkish walnut. Its stock has an ambidextrous design, making it easy to use no matter what your dominant hand is.

The stock has an adjustable cheek piece and is fluted for a comfortable grip. Adjustable rubber butt pads allow you to customize the length of pull. It also features an adjustable cheek piece so you can adapt the gun to fit your body’s shape and size.

The adjustable trigger shoe offers additional control at the shot.

.22-Caliber PCP-Powered Multi-Shot

This gun features a shrouded rifled steel barrel that gives it superior accuracy and precision when shooting.

The barrel is also ported to reduce noise and recoil when firing. The shroud keeps the barrel cool and protects it from damage, while the adjustable trigger lets you set your own pull weight.


  • It consists of a 12-shot magazine that keeps rotating
  • Able to shoot 60 shots per fill
  • A speed of 1000 fps
  • Made of Turkish Walnut Stock, and is highly adjustable, with a cheekpiece at your disposal
  • A rifled barrel for sound suppression


  • Deemed as bulky by many consumers.

If you need a rifle that makes an impact and assures that you stand out in a sea of hunters out there, then this is it!

Gamo Swarm Whisper – 10 pellet multishot break barrel air rifle

Swarm Whisper Air Rifle, .22 Caliber

If you’re looking for a pellet gun that is both accurate and powerful, then it’s time to take a look at the Gamo Swarm Whisper Air Rifle.

This rifle is light and easy to handle, making it ideal for small-game hunting and target practice.

The Gamo Swarm Whisper Air Rifle uses Inert Gas Technology (IGT), which lets you fire up to ten pellets without reloading.

This is particularly useful when hunting small game, as you will not have to waste a lot of time reloading between shots.

In addition, there are no spring pressures in this gun, meaning it doesn’t produce any noise while being shot.

Moreover, the Shock Wave Absorber gives this model a longer lifespan than traditional spring guns.

And thanks to its all-weather synthetic stock and excellent scope, you can shoot accurately in bad weather conditions as well.

This rifle also features a 2-stage standard trigger that enables you to be more accurate in your shots.

When combined with Gamo’s 4×32 fogproof scope, this rifle will make short work of any target or game animal!

The Gamo Swarm Whisper Air Rifle is available from Walmart and comes with free shipping. Just add it to your cart now!

Swarm Whisper Air Rifle, .22 Caliber,Black

Diana RWS 34:

If you know RWS, then you are indeed a diehard fan of rifles, just like we are. From the accuracy to the control you have over this spring-powered gun – everything is immensely flawless. Easy to say that when you have to craft the best .22 cal air gun list, RWS is a name you cannot neglect!


  • Comes with automatic safety options.
  • Has a pest control pellet option
  • Precise with regards to hunting
  • A Spring pistol
  • Can shoot to a distance of 70 yards and more.
  • The velocity is 800 fps.


  • It lacks a scope and an armrest

The Diana RWS endows you with a vintage look and comes with a bunch of surprising features. Made of high-quality beech and available at an economical price, this air rifle is a complete package!

The .17 vs. .22:

Many of our followers tend to ask us, “which is more accurate in air rifles .17 or .22?” Here, we put forth the facts in front of you as we want you to make an informed choice. Choosing an air rifle is no trivial matter, which is why we want you to have all the necessary information before you make a decision.

Used in Europe ever since the late 20th century, the .17 rifle has been reliable for hunting for decades. If we analyze the facts, the .17 does have a greater advantage over its competitor as the trajectory of .17 makes it easier to aim. Additionally, it can also travel up to 150 yards, whereas the .22 is limited to 125. However, owing to its precision and ease in carrying and transportability, the .22 air rifles are gradually becoming a trend. They are lighter on the budget, durable, and able to last you longer.

Furthermore, the ammunition for the .22 is also readily available, and therefore the predator hunting becomes even more glorious! In the end, both are exemplary in their way, but it boils down to what it is you want. Both accuracy and power will suffice, but if you are looking to hunt longer distances, the .17 takes over. On the contrary, if you want to follow the current trend and value cost-efficiency, the .22 air rifles take precedence.

The Bottom Line: You are the Ultimate Decision Maker

Before we take off, let us tell you that our objective is to impart sufficient knowledge to make a decision. Now that you have the best .22 air rifles above, you can assess which one it is that falls in alignment with your needs. The notion is to make a choice that will last you a lifetime of shots, durability, and utility in the end. From vividly highlighting the pros and cons of .22 in every model listed above to telling you the weight and much comfort they offer are, we have done our best. Now, the choice is yours.

You have the power to decide, and we respect the decisions you make. If you would like us to review a model or other caliber air rifles, let us know below!

Some FAQ’S posed by our audience:

Do you need a license to carry a .22 air rifle?

While there is no specific mandate for this, you do need a license to carry any firearm. The .22 air rifle falls under the jurisdiction of “firearms” in general, and therefore, a license is mandatory to prevent penalties and incarceration in some cases.

What distance should I zero my .22 air rifle?

Here, the advice we give you is 20 to 25 yards. This is the recommended range for most shooters out there.

Which is more accurate: .17 or .22?

The .22 remains unparalleled as it has a great combination of pellet shape and velocity. The firing capability of it is also better than the .17.

What is the effective range of a .22 rifle?

A range of 150 yards undoubtedly offers you unmatched efficacy.

Will a .22 stop an intruder?

No. The .22 is not built for incapacitating an intruder. Thus, it is not the best for defending yourself, and we advise you to purchase a firearm or a gun that does this instead.

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