Best Air Rifle Case Reviews

5 Best Air Gun Case Reviews – Buyer Guide 2022

It is always better to well pack up your things when traveling or even when you are not using those things.

In the same way it is necessary to have a proper case to keep your beloved air gun.

Hunting is quite expensive hobby and its accessories are also of higher cost, and keeping them with great care is also essential.

Best Air Gun Case For Hunting

Air gun case is a very important instrument when you are traveling and especially during air travel.

There are many kinds of air gun cases. It depends upon your usage or nature of journey you are going to make along with your air gun.

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Soft Air Gun Case

Best Soft Air Gun Case

If you are buying an air gun case just to keep it safe from dust when you are not using or you are travelling to trivial distance then the soft air gun case can be a good option. Soft air gun case in just like a zipper bag according to your gun size.

You just open the zip and put the air gun inside just like you pack your suit in a zipper bag. It is available in different stuffs, sizes and shapes. You can buy which suits to your need and usage.

Hard Air Gun Case

Best Hard Air Gun Case

Hard air gun case is specifically used for longer distances and air travel. It keeps some special features of lock and safety as you cannot keep it in your sight.

You must be aware of the properties required for an air gun case for air travel. Following are some characteristics of a good air gun case for air travel.


The size of the air gun case particularly during air travel matters a lot. The extra size of the air gun case can burdened your shoulder and pocket as well. Because you may have to pay extra charges for carrying it with you.

Some travel companies do not charge extra usually if your air gun case size is up to 60-62 cubic inches. But if the size would increase from the said range then be prepare for extra fees at airport. So, be wise and aware while selecting an air gun case and specifically in case if you are going to take a flight or use to travel by air frequently.  


There should be at least two locks and try to get a case with TSA approved locks. If TSA agents wants to open the case with any reason they will be able to unlock the case with the master key they have. But it is recommended to set at least one lock not approved by TSA. This will enables you to know that someone opened and check your gun in your absence. They will cut the lock or will call you for opening. 

Safety Measures

Locking the case is a thing of legal safety but someone could try to open your case with a bad intention and illegally. For example, greed of an employee of airport staff can cause for theft of your gun. That person can pry it with some kind of instrument.

Corners of the case should not be pry-able. The structure of the case must be safe enough that it cannot be pried by someone. It will be shocking for you to see the stones instead of your air gun when you open the case after reaching at home. So, don’t be compromising over safety measures and durability of the air gun case.

TSA Approved Case

TSA Approved Case

TSA approved case means the air gun case must have some specific features that are recommended by TSA. There are not any strict regulation instead of few basic instructions.

The case should be hard sided and there should be some locks over it. These are available and specially manufactured by some companies keeping these aspects in view.

TSA Regulations

TSA Regulations

You can be ground by the airport personnel in case of having a naked weapon. Must read TSA regulation before booking a flight having an air gun in your luggage. Must keep an authority letter with your self and keep your air gun in a safe and sound case.


air rifle Ammo

The air gun case with a capacity to keep some ammunition will be a better option always. If your air gun case have the capacity to keep some ammo in it then you shouldn’t need to carry it separately and relative items will remain at same spot. But during air travel keep a tip in your mind that ammo must be sealed in a box.

The sealed box should be manufacturer’s because loose form of pellets or in some ordinary box can create some panic for you at airport. Therefore, be well conscious in this matter and keep your ammo in sealed and manufacturer box.  

Here are Top 5 best Air Rifle Case and Bag

Product NameTypeOur Rating
Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun CaseHard Case4.3
Vault by Pelican – Rifle Case with FoamHard Case 4.9
Plano All Weather 2 Scoped Rifle/Shotgun CaseHard Case 4.5
Pelican 1720 Rifle CaseHard Case 4.1
Savior Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun BagSoft Bag4.7
SW SOWLAND Soft-Rifle Cases Long-Shotgun BagsSoft Bag 4.3

Vault by Pelican – Rifle Case with Foam

Vault by Pelican – Rifle Case with Foam

Vault by Pelican come with a handsome solution for carrying your firearm weapons. Why it is at the top of the list? Because of having a plenty of space and other incredible features which will enforce you to select it for the higher safety of your air rifle. If you are in love with your air rifle, then don’t be careless about its safety.

It is a better option as compared to other air rifle cases due to its capacity is awesome as many rifle cases which can carry 2 rifles will not compromise when will go for keeping scopes in it. While Vault is generous enough to carry your 2 air rifles, scopes and some additional magazines as well. Adjustment of these things also matters.

Its interior is 53” in length, 16” width wise and 6” deep to provide you a lot of roam for keeping your worthy goods.

Vault by Pelican - V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam

The foam in the inner of Vault works like shock absorber. The five layered protective foam keep the rifle and its accessories from any damage or external impact. The foam inside the case comes in a customized way so you can cut it down according to your air rifle’s size and in an intelligent manner for adjustment of maximum accessories.

Its material is durable and it is constructed in such a way that in extreme situations your equipment will be safe and sound. Its exterior is crush-proof so if you are going on an adventurous journey for hunting then Vault will be the best companion as it will never leave you alone in adversities. Oh I get sentimental.

Its not only crush-proof but dust proof as well and can bear the hardships of weather. Dust proofing offer a gorgeous safety to your firearms and keep them safe from getting dusty which is not acceptable for you at any cost.

Its strong crushed proof exterior and hard closed seals make it watertight. The rain water will not penetrate into it and water cannot reach to your firearms until it will not sink into the water for longer period.

6 individual latches are there outside the case for making it completely safe and secure. Push button on the latches makes it more convenient to open and close.


Four lock eyelets are added out there among the latches. These locks are made of strong and durable stainless steel to provide you the option of locking your case for enhanced security purpose. It would be pretty much helpful during an air travel.

Vault by Pelican is hard air rifle case with all the best features which are recommended for an air rifle case for air travel. You can use it while traveling it contain all the specification which are required for an air rifle case during air travel.

The price of the Vault is somehow higher than other cases but its still at no one due to all of its supreme features.

Automatic pressure adjustment valve is responsible for the safety of the rifles inside the case.


  • Double rifle capacity with scope
  • Plenty of interior space
  • Protective foam with 5 layers
  • Crush-proof
  • Dust-proof
  • Water-tight
  • Latches with push buttons
  • Stainless steel locks for safety
  • Wheels


  • Not fully water proof
Vault by Pelican - V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam

Plano All Weather 2 Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case

Plano All Weather Rifle

Plano offering you an affordable and confident instrument for transportation of your rifles along with their scopes. It is an another amazing option for you to carry the firearms in a handy manner.

You can carry a couple of rifles, scopes and other accessories into it as it has space well enough and manageable.

Plano has a little bit lesser space as compared to Pelican Vault and that’s why we are keeping the Plano air rifle case at no 2.

Interior dimensions are 51.5” in length, 14” in width and 5.5” deep case is capable for easily keeping your firearm equipment with great care.

Incredible Dri-Loc seal of Plano case provide an exceptional protection from the all weather conditions.

It’s a weather resistance case and definitely it offers you to keep your rifles without any hassle.

Premium Watertight Tactical Gun Case

Pressure adjustment valve is a marvelous feature of the Plano case which keep the pressure balance inside the case with the outside for enhanced safety.

Plano case is dust proof for keeping the rifles clean and better working condition and it is watertight which grant you the maximum satisfaction about your rifles in rain and when you are walking through the lake during your hunting game.

There are 4 external latches which are less than the Pelican but still secure enough because multi-stage latches of Plano assure that these cannot be opened even accidently. Its amazing as its about safety and security of your precious rifles.

Set of 4 lock eyelets like Pelican case is also available in Plano for extended safety externally. 4 lock eyelets and 4 multi-stage latches makes a great combination of security which is required for a rifle case.

Plano also has two glide wheels so you can easily pull it on the plane surface if you feel tired after carrying it continuously.

For giving you higher customization there is pluck-to-fit foam inside the Plano case as you can cut it according to your rifles, scopes and other accessories like magazines etc.

Two types of handles are available for your convenience to carry the case according to your desired position.

Multiple sizes are available so you can pick up any of them according to your rifle’s size.

Plano offering the rifle case in 52-inch for standard, 42-inch and 36-inch sizes for smaller rifles.

Plano case is also suitable for air travel as it also fulfils all the requirements which are suitable for an air travel. Its hard, safe, not pry-able and easy to carry rifle case with locks.


  • Plenty of space for 2 rifles with accessories
  • Set of 4 external latches and 4 eyelet locks for security
  • Pluck-to-fit customized foam inside
  • Easy-glide wheels
  • Multi-handles
  • Available in three sizes
  • Suitable for air travel


  • Plano case is also not fully water proof
  • There are 4 external latches as Pelican has 6 which is somehow little less secure than Pelican Vault
Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases

Pelican 1720 Rifle Case

Pelican 1720 Rifle Case

Pelican is in again to take place at no 3. Pelican 1720 rifle case is another great option for your rifle to keep is safe but the only thing which push it at no 3 is its carrying capacity. You can carry only one rifle at a time in Pelican 1720.

Pelican also offers you to put two rifles in it but after testing and according to its interior size its suggested to put one rifle and other accessories in it.

However, a pistol can be adjusted with a rifle into it.

But if you need a rifle case only for one rifle then Pelican 1720 is definitely a very good option for you.

You will also be agreeing with me after having a look at the outstanding features of this rifle case.

If you go for price then I would like to tell you that Pelican 1720 is a little bit expensive as compared to the other suggested options and this is why?

Its due to its fabulous design and the durability which is matchless.

Pelican 1720 has the interior dimensions of 42” long, 13.5” wide a little less than the Plano and with a depth of 5.25”.

Are you ready to pay for it? Then you will be delighted to know that Pelican 1720 engineered in such a way to grant maximum protection to your rifle.

Its durability and strength is managed in a such a way that it can bear the harsh conditions you can ever face and your rifle will be protected.

Shortly saying it is designed for the hunters going for an adventurous game.

It is water tight, dust and crush proof with hard and durable material used in exterior for maximum level of safety for your rifle.

Stainless steel is used in all the hardware of the case.

Automatic pressure valve keeps the pressure inside and outside the case well balanced and do not let the water penetrate inside the case.

For tight sealing four latches at the front side of the case are available. Latches are double-throw and two out of these four latches are featured with eyelet locks for extra security.

Two-way handling provides you the option to carry the case either from the long side handle just like a briefcase or from the long side handle for pulling the case behind you with solid and durable wheels in which stainless steel bearings are used and wheels are made of the polyurethane.

The durable material used in the making of wheels make it possible for you to use them at even the rough and rugged surface.

It is also suited for air travel because Pelican 1720 is hard case which strongly recommended for an air travel and its security-proofing also make it a perfect choice for using it during air traveling.

Another cool thing about Pelican 1720 is its color range. You can choose one among the three attractive colors i.e. desert tan, black and olive green. Isn’t it great?


  • Crush and dust proof with watertight making
  • Automatic pressure equalizer valve
  • 4 latches with couple of eyelet locks
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Durable stainless steel hardware
  • Polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Multi-handles


  • Capacity to carry single gun normally
Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Cases

Savior Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag

Savior Tactical Double Long Rifle Pistol Gun Bag

Savior Equipment Store introducing long rifle and pistol case for transportation with backpack. It keeps the capacity of two long rifles and pistol with firearm compartments and having ample space for carrying ammo and other accessories.

Available in multiple lengths according to your gun size and in different attractive colors.

There is no reason to keep it at no 4 keeping in view its amazing features and firearm carrying capacity but as we have to make grading therefore we have to push it back just due to the reason of being soft case.

Select the bag according to your gun size because it is available in the multiple size ranges. You can select one from 32”, 42”, 46”, 51” and 55” as per your requirement.

Its made of high quality material which is requirement for transporting your precious rifles. It is made of high quality industrial nylon.

The heavy duty 600D pvc nylon is the symbol of durability as it will provide you total satisfaction regarding quality of the case.

The durability of the material used in making of gun case is critical because you cannot afford to carry a couple of guns with you if your gun case get damaged during traveling. Therefore, this is right choice in this aspect.

Plenty of space enables you to put couple of rifles at a time inside your gun case. It can carry 2 guns and 2 pistols without any issue.

Padded compartments which are large enough to carry pistol with their essential attachments.

Pull tabs with D-Ring attached make it easy to access to the apartments and hook and loop fastener strips are also inside to keep the items firmly bind. After putting pistols inside the padded compartments still there will be enough space to put some accessories in the case.

Two internal compartments with zipper are also available for putting extra items inside. So this case is a best fit for carrying multiple items, i.e. guns, pistols, ammo and other accessories.

You can easily put a Drum MAG in the middle pocket as it is enough spacious to carry that. Centre pocket size is 7 x 8.5 inches and its larger than the other two pockets comparatively.

Side pockets of 5.5 x 8.5 inches have a capacity to carry 5 round AR MAG in each. There are two peripheral compartments in addition with three pockets.

As these pockets are outside the case so it is necessary to have some safety measures to keep your MAGS safe for which hook and loop fastener straps are provided with side release buckles.

Elastic paracord drawstrings and double cinch straps are also available to keep the MAGS firmly fastened and keep them save from getting lost.

Both the Alice grid system and Molle grid system enable you to customize your bag the way you want. You can even carry a large quantity of equipment as the alice and molle load bearing supports.

Two main firearm compartments are lockable with zipper slides and paracord pulls on zipper make it simple and easy to pull the zipper even if you are wearing gloves.

You can carry your bag on shoulders or by hand with dual carrying option.

Carrying handle with hook and loop fastener enable you to carry your bag in hand with convenience and padded backpack straps are adjustable to carry the bag on shoulders.

2 D-rings and an additional alice and molle grid is attached at the backpack straps.

It is available in five attractive colors. You can choose one among of all the five colors as per your requirement or choice.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Heavy duty Nylon
  • Ample space for keeping multiple firearms at a time
  • Hook and loop fastener and D-ring attachments for ease of use
  • 3 Large pockets and 2 extra peripheral compartments for carrying a many AR MAGS
  • Padded compartments to keep your rifles safe in case of collision or accidental drop down
  • Alice and Molle Grid System
  • Anti-theft lack-able zippers
  • Paracord pulls on zipper for convenient pull over
  • Multiple carrying option


  • Soft case, not hard enough to keep the equipment safe in case of hefty collision
  • Only firearm compartments are lock able and no locks for outer pockets and compartments
  • Not suitable for air travel
Gun Bag Firearm Transportation Case

SW SOWLAND Soft-Rifle Cases Long-Shotgun Bags

At no 5 we are introducing you the SW SOWLAND.

SW SOWLAND Soft-Rifle Cases Long-Shotgun Bags

SOWLAND is offering you a soft case for your rifle for long shotguns. Here are some main characteristics and special features which will enable you to choose it for your air gun or go for another one.

Choose from Choices of Size

You got a choice to choose from multiple sizes available in this rifle case (44”, 48” and 52”). You can select one of them according to the length of your air gun.

Below is the size guide (Size of the case and inner capacity of the case to carry the gun). There is a minor difference due to cover’s outer wall.

Case Size            Inner Size
44”43.5 inch x 9.5 inch x 1 inch
48”47.5 inch x 9.5 inch x 1 inch
52”51.5 inch x 10 inch x 1 inch

Errors are accepted due to hand measurements.

Quality and Durability

It is made of high quality nylon fabric. Its soft padding and heavy-duty material keep it safe from damages and collisions. It is made of fine material and durable fabric keeping in view the safety aspects of your gun.

Ease of Carrying

Two way carrying option enables you to carry the case with handle or at shoulder according to your need. Adjustable shoulder belt provides convenience to wear your air gun case as per your requirement.

You can carry in hand with the handle and if you have some other equipment in your hands or you are riding then you can use to carry by shoulder with the strap attached with it.


The design of the gun case is perfect and well compatible and adjustable even with your lengthy air gun. It has capacity to keep large size gun inside the size guide is provided above to select best one according to your gun size.

Tool Kit

There is Velcro pocket outside to keep the magazines or ammo with your gun. It facilitates to keep the accessories of your air gun at one place.

Concealment Colors

Two kinds of strong concealments in color range are available. Desert camouflage is the first one second is forest camouflage. You can get one which suits to your requirement.


  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Different sizes according to gun size
  • High Quality and durability
  • Velcro pocket and attractive design
  • Strong concealment colors


  • Not suitable for air travel
  • Soft case, unable to provide proper safety in case of collision
  • Less secure
  • Having no locks
SW SOWLAND Soft-Rifle Cases Long-Shotgun Bags

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR Tactical gun case with ZERUST is an incredible rifle case by Flambeau is USA made product with all the features you would like to have for high protection of your firearms. Its ZERUST technology make it distinguished from other rifle cases.

The interior dimensions of Outdoor Tactical gun case are 40” x 12” x 4”. Its 40-inch length enables you to keep the large air gun in it easily and it keep enough capacity width wise as well.

The interior construction of the gun case is divided into five compartments to keep the gun and other accessories separately. Its smart storage design contains one main and five small compartments for magazines and other accessories to keep, infused with anti-corrosion technology.

Velcro straps ensure the maximum safety to hold your gun and magazine firmly. These straps are kept for safe closure of your weapons during transportation and storage.

Usually gun cases comes with convoluted foam padding inside to keep the firearms safe from the normal wear and tear. Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR interior eggshell foam padding provides your rifle the extreme safety level. Especially you do not need to cut the foam as its extra soft and durable foam will conform the rifle body when you will place it on.

The exterior of the Outdoor 6500AR is made of high quality polypropylene to ensure safety of the gun and accessories from any kind of shock due to fall and damages. Its tight concealment keeps your firearms safe from dust and water etc.

ZERUST Anti-Corrosion technology of the Outdoor AR Tactical gun case is a unique feature that is absolutely best for your gun protection. ZERUST vapor forms a protective layer to stop rusting and corrosion in the metal objects.

There are four locking points and sufficiently rugged latches for keeping the gun case well tight and secure. It contains all the features necessary for a gun case for air travel. The Flambeau Outdoor Tactical gun case fulfil all the airline safety and TSA requirements.

The build quality and durability make most of the customers satisfied and well contented from the Outdoor 6500AR Tactical case. Especially when it is compared with the gun cases with the similar price range. Although some of the customers show that they encountered some problem with striping while assembly of the case but it certainly happens when the holes of the magazine dividers become stripped during the assembly process.

Finally, the Outdoor tactical case is one of the best choice keeping in view the affordability, quality and durability.


  • Rugged construction
  • ZERUST Anti-corrosion technology
  • Safe and secure closures
  • Storage design with compartments
  • Durable and strong polypropylene stuff
  • Eggshell convoluted foam inside


  • Can carry one rifle at a time
6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case with ZERUST

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