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5 Best CO2 Air Rifles Reviews And Buyer Guide 2022

CO2 technology use the gas power which is usually stored in a capsule of 88g which is commonly used or capsule size can also be 12g which was introduced by the Crosman first time.

best co2 air rifle under £500

It works almost at the pattern of pcp air rifle technology but in CO2 rifles gas pressure instead of compressed air push the pellets through the barrel to travel towards the target.

By pulling the trigger a hammer knocks at the capsule filled with gas and the gas released at high pressure through the barrel on each shot.

best co2 air rifles 2021

No doubt the market is full with the advance and heavy air rifles from which you can get confuse for choosing the right one and you must have to consult with someone having enough relevant expertise. But it always depends upon the preferences of the users that what kind of product they want to buy and the purpose to buy that thing always matters.

If you want to get a CO2 rifle and having no sound knowledge about that, then this article will help you to compare among the top offerings of the market. These top CO2 air rifles are suggested by the experts who have a lot of experience and practice.

Getting consultancy about buying a thing always favors you and save your time and money which you can lose in case of a wrong selection.

best co2 air rifle with scope

If you want to go for a small game, plinking or target shooting then CO2 rifle can fully support you in all these. You can also use it for practice in your backyard on holidays or go for pest control.

Here is the list of the top 5 CO2 rifles for your review and selection from those according to your requirement, features and budget. This article contains the top air rifles keeping in view all the best features and pocket friendly products at one platform.

Crosman 1077

Semi-Automatic CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle

Crosman is manufacturing this air rifles since 1994 and it is 12g CO2 rifle. Crosman delivering from more than 20 years’ best models of 1077 with minor changes which were necessary for its upgradation with the passage of time.

Crosman 1077 is a fine combination of features with a very economical price of 145$. So it’s a great fun to play with it in a normal price range.

Crosman 1077  CO2-Powered Pellet Air Rifle

It keeps the capability to fire rapidly with its clip of 12 shots.

Crosman 1077 can only be use for plinking or you can say that its plinking master because its not enough powerful for hunting even small birds or animals.

HAM silver award won by the Crosman 1077, it’s a proof of the best quality, performance consistency, durability and usability of Crosman 1077.

Crosman 1077 weighs only 3.69 lbs and 36.88 in length.  It’s a handy air rifles with simple use and cool handling.

.177 caliber pellets are loaded in the rifle and it can shoot the pellets up to 625 fps of speed.

Crosman 1077 riffled with steel barrel and featured with cross-bolt safety which assure your safety while shooting with rifle.

HAM award is given to Crosman 1077 after testing it on accuracy parameters and with the five out of total seven standard pellets of HAM the results of 1077 was good.

Another great thing about Crosman 1077 is its quietness. As it is not a much powerful air rifle therefore it does not create any loud noise. You can use it in your backyard without causing any disturbance for the neighbors.

Crosman 1077 designed in a traditional design with dashing black color making.

Hence it offers to all the air rifle lovers to enjoy the plinking because it costs is not too much and any person who wish to buy an air rifle can afford this.

Following is the table to show the speed and accuracy of the Crosman 1077 CO2 air rifle.

PelletMuzzle velocity-AverageMuzzle energy- AverageAccuracy
Gamo Raptor Platinum 9.7 Grain558.61 FPS3.25 Ft/Lbs.Good
H&N Field target trophy grain 10.03548.13 FPS3.70 Ft/Lbs.Good
RWS Hobby 11.9 grain579.24 FPS5.21 Ft/Lbs.Very Good
Crossman Premier HP 14.3 Grain529.82 FPS4.92 Ft/Lbs.Very Good
JSB Jumbo exact 14.35 grain531.25 FPS5.28 Ft/Lbs.Poor
H&N Field target trophy 14.66 grain486.89 FPS4.54 Ft/Lbs.Poor
H&N Baracuda match 21.14 grain418.03 FPS4.13 Ft/Lbs.Excellent best tested


  • Light weight
  • Economical
  • No loud noise
  • Attractive traditional design
  • HAM accuracy test cleared


  • Not much powerful for hunting
  • Max speed is up to 625 fps

Beeman QB78 CO2 Air Rifle

Beeman QB78-22 Air Guns Rifles , Black

Beeman QB78 is a Crosman product and it is one of the most suitable option for those who want to get a classy look in air rifle with incredible accuracy in an affordable price range.

Beeman QB78 is a 40 inches rifle with a dashing look and its not much suitable for the small guys, if you are beginner or you want to get an air rifle for your child then it might a little bigger but if you think that you can handle it then it’s a fine product although.

It does not come with a scope but there is a mount on it for fixing the scope on the Beeman QB78. Its comes with a picatinny mount so it’s a pretty nice rifle to go for plinking and shooting in the backyard.

Beeman QB78 is a bolt-action rifle with such a nice and handy bolt action on the right side of the rifle. Its co2 rifle powered by a couple of cartridges.

It’s a .177 caliber air rifle which means 4.5 mm. Beeman QB78 is a nice air rifle for its accuracy with .177 caliber. Its just loving to have such a fine accuracy with co2 and .177 caliber.

The length of the Beeman QB78 is 39.75 inches and the length of the barrel is 21.5 inches with a weight of 6.5 pounds only which is a very light weight with this length so its easy to carry and shoot with it. Its nice to have fun with it in the backyard in a summer afternoon.

Beeman QB78 has a two stage adjustable trigger and it is an upgrade given by the Crosman in their new version of co2 rifle.

The stock of the Beeman QB78 is really nice and give a traditional and classical look. The real wood is used for its stock. The stock wood is beautifully polished and given a great finish to the product.

Because Beeman QB78 is an air powered rifle that’s why is so quiet and have no recoil at all, if you are a young shooter and manage to handle it then it’s a really nice option for you due to its less loudness and recoil properties.

Crosman 7.4 GR pellets used for chrony testing with Beeman QB78 and the day wasn’t so warm due to which a little impact comes over the performance of the co2 rifles as the co2 rifles work really well in the warmer weather.

The chrony test for the muzzle velocity gives an average speed of 460 FPS and one pellet got a speed of 464 even. It could be a little greater figure in a warmer weather but it will be up to 470 FPS max.

It gives outclass results from the distance of 20 yards so you can use it for shooting from the said distance for the better outcomes.

The customer reviews are much positive about the Beeman QB78 because such a package of features in this economical range is no doubt a great option. 80% of customers shows a high level of satisfaction from this product of the Crosman while most of the customers appreciate the light weight and easy handling of the rifle.

The Beeman QB78 comes in standard and deluxe version and the both of these versions are incredibly good providing quality features to the users.

In this table we can see the Beeman QB78 Deluxe 0.22 caliber trajectory, using a fibre optic sight, Crosman Premier HP 14.3gr pellets, and with a sight elevation above the bore of 0.75 inches.

Range (yds)Trajectory (in)Velocity (fps)Energy (ft.bls)


  • Two stage adjustable trigger
  • Classic look with real wood stock
  • Great accuracy in minimum price
  • Reasonable muzzle velocity with co2 technology
  • Light weight
  • No recoil
  • Very quiet


  • Length may not be suitable for the beginners

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

DPMS Full auto SBR CO2 air rifle is a super excited and one of the most hotly anticipated guns for its cool and exciting features, shape and quality. It carry a lot of fun for the backyard plinkers, lets check out some mega features and details of the air rifle.

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

The Crosman DPMS allows you to experience high accuracy and fun at the same time.

Ammo testedGrainShot HIShot AvgEnergy
Crosmancopperheated BBs5.1 gr420 fps403 fps1.84 ft-lbs
Hornady black diamond BBs5.1 gr419 fps395 fps1.77 ft-lbs
Air venture dust devil BBs4.35 gr442 fps426 fps1.75 ft-lbs
H&N smart shot BBs7.4 gr339 fps329 fps1.78 ft-lbs

First of all, talk about the material of the DPMS SBR as it looks like the metal and give a dashing look but it’s a glass bedded polymer. Its very resilient and strong but its not metal.

The weight of the DPMS is 6.5 pounds which is quite heavier and make you feel like a real firearm weapon. Due to its weight the DPMS has a recoil and blowback. It’s a great fun to shot with the SBR in the backyard.

DPMS do have a quad rail system on the handguard as there are rail on four sides of the barrel which grant a firm grip and nice handling during shooting. There is a fore grip at the lower side of the rails which is really convenient. You can also hold it from the Picatinny rail and from the grip as well so you got a couple of places to grip the gun comfortably.

CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle with Dual Action Capability

The mount and rail allow you to set the scope, optics, lights and laser whatever you want as there is a plenty of margin for setting all this stuff to convert it into a full excited weapon for game. The love is its great roam and customization which you got in it.

At the top of the DPMS SBR we do have a standard rear side and front side flip up sights. These flips are not spring loaded therefore you can flip them up and down as per your desire. The front sight is adjustable while the rear sight is windage fully adjustable.

The forward assist function of the SBR is really cool and its like a real AR M4 gun variant. Its really nice and cool to have feel like the real M4 and metal gun while in fact having a polymer body.

The charging handle is at the top of the gun which is really cool to cock the gun with it. When you pull back that handle you see the dust cover removes and it moves back repeatedly when you set the gun on full automatic. Its really unique the internal movement of the bolt which blowback and give you a real feel.

On the left side of the SBR we do have a bolt release or bolt catch which is for throwing the magazine in you just need to slap that in. The selector switch is also on the left side to set the gun on safe, semi-auto and fully auto mode.

The magazine holds 25 rounds and you can shoot them in a while at full auto mode even in just 1.1 seconds the SBR can fire 25 BBs. Wow it’s a great thing to do with this impressive air gun you will feel like in a combat.

The buttstock is adjustable in six positions as there is a little tab which you need to press and you can move the buttstock back and forward. This is actually for setting the buttstock according to your required full length. You can get it come all the way off and set it to move the overall length of the gun from 27 inches to 30.5 inches and it is for junior shooters to set the buttstock where they feel it better and comfortable to have.

Another amazing thing about the SBR is that you can break it down just like a real gun. You just have to press down a couple of pins and pull the magazine out, the gun will be broken into pieces for cleaning purposed, putting in a small bag or whatsoever.

The loading of the magazine is sensitive case so be careful and write some words written on it. First of all check out the bottom where you see the open phrase by pressing from there you can open the flip up and then you have a allen key included. Screw back the two portions for keeping CO2 there is another main thing to note that there is written first under one chamber of the CO2 there you need to put the CO2 cartridge first into that left portion and later in the other. If you do the inverse action the cartridge would be leaked out and waste the power.

There is capacity to load two CO2 cartridges in the magazine but the nice thing about the DPMS SBR is that you can load a single cartridge in the gun if you want it will work with it.

The Crossman introduce a great gadget with the SBR for loading BBs into the magazine. Usually we have to pull the spring down and drop the BBs into the magazine one by one but the Crossman’s speed loader makes it so easy, you just have to fill the BBs into the speed loader and set it on the magazine and load the magazine by pressing the feeder which will pop up again and again to load the BBs into the magazine. It’s really helpful and easy as well as will save your thumb from striping which actually do happen when you keep holding the spring of the magazine for loading the pellets.

There is another impressive feature in SBR which will feels you like a real M4 is its bolt caught open when the magazine get empty and you change the magazine. Now you’ve no need to rack the charging handle back again, you can do this but there is a lot easier option to just pop the bolt catch and fire the BBs again.

Now move towards the accuracy and chronographer test results where the BBs of 4.35 GR fired from the distance of 10 yards at single shot mode the average FPS noted was 463 and the CTC of 8 BBs out of 10 was 2 inches while 2 shots was a little astray and have a CTC of 4 inches.

After that the BBs of 7.4 GR used and we got an average FPS of 331 from 10 yards the CTC of 9 BBs was just 1.5 inches only single BB extend the total CTC up to 3 inches.

The results from 5.1 GR Steel BBs from the 10 yards were better than the 7.4 and 4.35 GR as the 10 BBs fired at the average FPS of 400 hit the target with just 1.75 inches of CTC.

It fired about 150 to 170 BBs with full co2 cartridge which is really good and reasonable amount of BBs with a co2 powered rifle.

The maximum sound level at semi-auto noted at 88.7 DBs and the maximum sound at the full-auto was 93.8 DB.

The average power to press the trigger required is 9 pounds and 3 oz which is quite heavier but in a fully auto gun its adjustable to have a little hard trigger.

So finally guys the Crossman nailed it with introduction of DPMS SBR CO2 powered rifle with its amazing features of repeater shots, semi and full auto mode, nice look and speed loader options which all are really impressive in a sub 200$ gun.


  • Nice real M4 look
  • Very fine polymer material looks like steel metal
  • Repeater action
  • Very smooth charging handle
  • Comes with speed loader for BBs
  • Not too much noisy despite of having full-auto mode


  • Trigger is little harder than the typical AR/M4 triggers

SIG Saur MPX CO2 .177 caliber pellet rifle

.177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R Red Dot Air Rifle

SIG Saur MPX is at number 5 in our top co2 rifles list. The reason for putting the SIG Saur MPX a step down from the DPMS SBR co2 rifle is that its semi-automatic not full auto and SBR is featured with full auto function. Other than this the SIG Saur MPX is a great fun lets have a look at the basic features of this rifle.

SIG Saur MPX is .177 caliber pellet semi-automatic rifle with 30 round clip. It a MCX which means the MCX rifles have longer barrel. It’s a replica of US Navy Seal’s M4 and this one gives a real look and feel.

It powered by 88 or 90 grams co2 cartridge which is pretty easy to load and work with it and later in the content I would give you a little idea how to pop up the cartridge with SIG Saur MPX.

As this rifle is MPX and you can convert it to HPA with some few easy steps. As here I am just telling you the core features of SIG Saur MPX therefore you can easily find out how to convert your SIG Saur from MPX to HPA from the web or a Youtube video.

Actually the co2 technology is temperature sensitive and works well in summer or hot weather while in the winter season the performance of co2 rifles effected and converting it to HPA can be very helpful for shooting in winter season as well.

The grip of the SIG Saur MPX is made of high quality polymer and its not plastic at all. The high quality polymer grip provides you a firm grip while shooting with SIG Saur MPX.

The SIG Saur MPX is full metal constructed and its heavy rifle with a real M4 feel. Using full metal in pellet rifle is really amazing and surely add in the durability of the rifle.

Red Dot Air Rifle 30 Rounds, Flat Dark Earth

There are couple of sights installed which are also made of metal one at the front side and other on the rear side. You can flip them up and down quite easily. Another amazing thing about SIG Saur MPX is that the both of sights are adjustable. Wow its great and impressive.

The magazine release button is pretty and handy in use. You just need to pull it back with your finger and the mag out for reloading and the grease just looks like a regular M4 rifle.

The trigger of the SIG Saur MPX is two stage and not adjustable. But its soft and handy to press and do not give a shock while shooting which will not lead for an astray shot.

On the mount rail you can set a sight, scope, red or green dot sight and pressure pad or any of these accessories on SIG Saur MPX .177 caliber rifle.

The cool thing about the safety clip of the SIG Saur MPX is that its across the gun both on the right and left side so it’s a nice option both for the right and left handers. You can switch the safety on and off easily from any side. The safety is manual and not automatic.

The buttstock of the SIG Saur MPX is also serves as the cover of the co2 cartridge. Its pretty easy to pop up the cover with pressing a button then you need to screw the cartridge and then again put the cover and it will fit on position easily.

The Roto belt magazine of the SIG Saur MPX is made of durable plastic and there is flip cover to open the mag for refill. There is 30 round belt in the magazine you can pull it out just after opening the cover of the magazine. You can find in the manual that how to refill the magazine but if you want to get a short review of how to reload the mag then its also available for you in the next lines.

There are metal rings on each round cover and you just need to put the belt down with the metal side downward closest to the surface and load the pellets in the wholes with head down by hand. After loading all the pellets just give a little push to the pellets with a pen or any sharp item to finish.

Putting the belt back into the magazine is not technical because if you are confused about the right and wrong side then the mag will not allow you to inset the belt if you are not doing it right so magazine construction is wise enough to guide you well.

For accuracy testing of SIG Saur MPX 60 shots with 6 different .177 pellets made which are 10 shots per of Gamo Platinum, Gamo Lethal, Gamo Red Fires, Daisy Pointed, Crossman Pointed and Crossman Destroyers. You may be surprised to know that the Crossman Destroyers which are the cheaper one give the best of all results from a 10 yards shooting with SIG Saur MPX.

SIG Saur MPX .177 caliber pellet rifle is backyard friendly as it is not loud and despite of having metal material the recoil is also not too much.


  • Metal body
  • Durable polymer firm grip
  • 30 rounds magazine
  • Mount rail for scope and other accessories
  • Smart and real M4 look and feel
  • Patented design roto-belt magazine
  • Safety on both sides
  • Best for both right and left handers


  • Semi-automatic not full auto


How much pressure is in a co2 cartridge

CO2 is a very common gas in the world, and when it reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 25 Celsius), around 852.8 psi will develop on its own if there are no other sources of pressure to act upon the substance’s molecules; this proves how sensitive they can be!

What is the pressure of CO2 cartridge?

How do you know if your CO2 cylinder pressure is low? The CO2 cylinder pressure is about 860 psi at normal room temperature. Liquid CO2 cylinders store around 100 pounds of liquid CO2. At ambient pressure, two pounds of liquid CO2 expands to approximately 20 cubic feet of pure CO2 (expands at a rate of 535:1).

Two pounds of liquid at room temperature expands into 535 times as much pure carbon dioxide, which means the entire contents should provide over enough for an hour or two worth of supply!

How long will a 12 gram CO2 cartridge last?

When shooting rapped fire with a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, the smaller CO2 tanks will cool down much faster than bigger ones, thus allowing you to only anticipate about 20-30 good shots before taking a break and allowing your gun and the CO2 tank to warm up again.

Is it bad to keep CO2 in BB gun?

CO2 cartridges should not be left in your air gun for long periods of time since doing so can damage the seals. It’s not a good idea, and you should double-check to see whether there are any pellets or BBs in the barrel.

How do you tell if your CO2 tank has a siphon tube?

What is the best technique to identify a CO2 cylinder with a syphon tube valve? An extra label may be found on gas bottles with a syphon tube, which specifies the type of valve. The term “dip tube” is used in part to portray a vertical color line.

How much psi is in a co2 cartridge ?

When CO2 is in a cylinder or vessel, the normal pressure it develops is 852.8 psi when temperature rises to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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