Best PCP Air Pistol

5 Best PCP Air Pistol Reviews – Buyer Guide 2022

PCP air pistol technology is one of the most popular technique used for air rifles or pistols these days.

PCP (Pre-charged Pneumatics) air pistol use the compressed air mechanism to fire the pellet. It contain a tube or air tank filled in advance before shooting.

Best PCP Air Pistol

The air compressed at approximately 3000 psi (per square inch) to provide high pressure to the pellet for extended velocity and perfect accuracy.

Once you fill the tank with the air to a certain pressure level then your pistol is ready to use.

How it works

When you load the gun the compressed air moved from the main reservoir to the working pressure portion which store 120 bar pressure after each fire.

When you push the trigger a small hammer hit the valve seal to open it and the air stored in the working pressure portion moved towards the air barrel.

This air hit the pellet with a great pressure to shoot it towards the target with a massive speed. 

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How to Refill?

The air tank or tube can be filled through multiple sources but scuba is most commonly used for refilling the air tank.

Moreover you can use hand pump, carbon fiber tank and high pressure PCP compressor for refill.

When to fill the air tank

When to fill the air tank

The air gauge with PCP air pistol enables you to know the available pressure in the reservoir so you can refill it on time.

Normally the gauge have three colors to indicate the pressure level in the pistol.

The green color indicate that the reservoir is full and it is good to go.

Yellow color means that there is sufficient stock of air in the reservoir tank and you can continue to shoot.

Red colors is alarming and it shows that you need to refill it as soon as possible.


It depends upon the model you are using and the size and capacity of the reservoir tank attached with you air pistol. Normally 20 to 30 shoots can be fired before next refill.

Performance Curve

High pressured filled PCP air pistol made a belt curve chronograph normally. It starts with low velocity shoots in beginning which gradually increased to the high speed and then again low when the compressed air level decreased in the reservoir tank. So you may have to fire multiple shoots to find your target spot.

Pellet Caliber

Pellet Caliber

PCP air pistols can fire the pellets of higher caliber as compared to the CO2 technology. In CO2 guns the temperature mechanism works while in PCP air guns the air pressure is used to fire the pellets.

Noise and Recoil

PCP air guns have lower noise and recoil. It do not create a hectic noise as compared to other guns. It is good for the beginners due to its quite fire feature but it doesn’t means that the expert shooters cannot use it because it is much popular among the shooters of all levels.


PCP pistol Accuracy

As compared to other guns the PCP guns have higher accuracy. For shooting with spring piston gun you need a lot of practice and learning for getting accurate shoots while the PCP air guns offer convenience to the average shooters to gain accuracy at initial level and at higher speed with a great ease. There isn’t any complicated learning process in PCP air gun.


  • PCP air guns have higher velocity fire
  • Accuracy of PCP guns is matchless due to compressed air system
  • Quite fire system, no recoil or noise
  • It can fire the pellets of higher caliber
  • Can fire multiple pellets with one refill


  • PCP air guns are expensive as compared to others
  • You need to carry the accessories for support like scuba tank or hand pump etc
  • Can create some panic during air travel as the airport staff can require to check in the reservoir tank which is impossible normally

Top Rated PCP air pistols

Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol

.22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol

After its introduction Benjamin Marauder become one of the most popular Pre-Charged Pneumatics pistol of the market. Its upper part is just similar to Marauder air rifle and it just seems like compact version of marauder rifle.

Its overall length without stock is 18 inches and it’s a reasonable and ideal length for pcp air pistol.

With fitting of stock the length of Benjamin Marauder is 29.75 inches.  It’s a handy length with great convenience of carrying and shooting.

It weighs 2.7 lbs only.

Benjamin Marauder PCP Pistol

Benjamin Marauder has a 12” shrouded barrel grant a comprehensive approach towards attainment of superior accuracy.

Chocked and rifled barrel helps in gaining higher accuracy.

The pellets of .22 caliber are used in shooting with Benjamin Marauder or you can said 5.5 MM caliber pellets are loaded in it.

Its pre-charged pneumatic power plant is capable to fire the projectiles at the velocity of 700 FPS.

This is well enough for a small game and the great mashup of speed and accuracy makes it a great fun to play with Benjamin Marauder.

Its fill pressure is adjustable and male foster fitting (quick-disconnect) makes it pretty much convenient to remove and re adjust the tank very quickly.

It’s a repeater with handy bolt action and you can easily reload with a just a minor pull back of the bolt.

The precise and smooth bolt action enable you to load the pistol even with heavy pellets.

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Pistol

You can load its magazine with 8 pellets at a time. The .22 caliber magazine is similar to that which used in Marauder rifle but its not interchangeable.

Built in pressure gauge keep you well aware of the balance pressure available in your Benjamin Marauder so you can use it without fear of getting off.

You can timely refill the tank by assessing that how much pressure is available in tank and when to refill.

It is recommended to fill the tank from 2500-3000 psi normally.

If you will fill it up to 3000 psi then you have to follow the instructions to adjust the stroke of the cocking bolt and hammer spring pre load.

11 MM dovetail mount on aluminum breech is available for fitting of telescope on the Benjamin Marauder.

2 stage adjustable trigger is its finest feature which makes it exceptional and better than the Crosman 2240 on behalf of the trigger adjustment.

To fit your shooting preferences the Marauder pistol’s trigger offer a good range of adjustment.

Its better than CO2 and other pcp pistols and this happen due to a long journey of improvement.

Average of 1.93 ounces of power required to push the trigger, this reading is got while testing.

Manual safety switch is given to avoid from any mishap.

It has an extension of shoulder stock to grant you the ease of carrying, setting and shooting at the target.

It is suggested to use Benjamin Marauder for small games and targets.

During chrony testing it was observed that by filling the pistol at 2500 psi and using 14.3 grams of pellet the Benjamin gives the results of 14.58 foot pounds of muzzle energy.

The highest recorded velocity was 682.27 fps, the lowest 665.76 fps and the average was 677.51 fps.

Extreme spread was 16 feet per second with a standard deviation of 6 fps.

For accuracy testing an analyst uses the following pellets to fire from the Benjamin Marauder.

  • Crosman premier 14.3 GR
  • Predator polymag 16 GR
  • Beeman FTS (Field target specialist) 14.66 GR
  • Benjamin discovery pellets 14.3 GR

Finally, he concluded that the Crosman premier and Beeman FTS are the best options as these pellets make a reasonable grouping at the target papers.

It generates the sound of minimum 98.2 and so it can be said that it loudness is of medium level.


  • Lightweight
  • Amazing velocity of 700 fps
  • Quick-disconnect male foster fitting
  • 8 pellets magazine
  • Built in pressure gauge
  • Scope fitting dovetail


  • A little bit louder
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol

Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker Pellet Pistol

Wood Walker is one the best choice in pcp air pistols to get roam in your package. It is a great item for small games or shooting in the backyard on weekend. Its repeater with a very good accuracy and many other amazing features which are necessary for an ideal pcp air pistol.

Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker Pellet Pistol
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol

This is USA made and the manufacturer do not compromise at all in quality and finish of the Benjamin Wood Walker to provide consistent and maximum value added air pistol to its customers.

Wood Walker is handsome pistol with a weight of 5.5 pounds and an overall length of 23” in which the length of the barrel is 12 inches.

Its .22 caliber air pistol with an average fpe of 15.5. Wood walker is bolt action pistol. Its bolt is very smooth and handy in use.

8 rounds magazine of Benjamin Wood Walker enable you to get multiple shoots back to back so your target may not get out of sight just due to refill problem. Oops! You are unable to shoot the tiny squirrel in 8 shoots? You need some more practice in your backyard using a pellet trap.

Usually it is perception that the air pistol has lesser muzzle velocity and cannot shoot at a desired speed. Yes, it’s true that as compared to air rifle its muzzle velocity is less but Benjamin Wood Walker keeps the ability to shoot the pellet at a reasonable velocity of 700 fps. Its well enough for a small game.

When we come at the loudness then its pretty critical matter as many people complains about the louder sound made by their air pistol. Benjamin Wood Walker is a solution to this problem because its internal shroud makes it a quiet and ecofriendly air pistol.

In accuracy the Wood Walker is a remarkable pistol. Its chocked barrel delivers high level of accuracy and the trigger is also accommodating in this matter.

Match metal trigger of Wood Walker is adjustable at two stages and its pretty nice to pull the trigger as it very convenient in shooting. The accuracy is affiliated with its crisp trigger as you have no need to put an extra force on it and it do not create any jerk.

You can fill the air into the tank upto 3000 psi but it is recommended to fill the air in tank from 2500 to 2800 psi for better and consistent performance of the pistol and the air tank.

Its built in pressure gauge guides during shooting and enables you to be well aware of the balance air pressure available. This will facilitate you in timely refilling the tank.

Quick and easy disconnect foster fitting for fast refill make it simple and easy to get a refill on time.

CenterPoint Optics Multi-Tac quick aim sight scope is also including in package so you never missed out your target. It provides a clear view while setting the target.

Shoulder mount stock also available with Wood Walker. You can easily fit and detach that shoulder mount according to your convenience.

Durable plastic material used in its making.

Manual safety button is available to avoid from any unpleasant consequences.

Manufacturer offers a limited warranty of one year.

A safety and user manual is provided with Benjamin Wood Walker. It is necessary to read out very carefully all the instructions before using the air pistol for right and secure use.


  • Enhanced muzzle velocity
  • Lightweight
  • Pressure gauge
  • Easy disconnect-refill and fitting
  • Safety button
  • One-year warranty


  • Not automatic reload (Bolt action)
Benjamin Marauder BP2220 .22-Caliber PCP Air Pistol

Crosman 1701P Silhouette PCP-Powered Air Pistol

Crosman 1701P Silhouette PCP-Powered Air Pistol

Here at no 3 we are introducing you the Crosman 1701P Silhouette PCP pistol. The Crosman 1701P is specially designed for the competition shooters and silhouette.

It meets the requirements of NRA competitions and IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association) also.

Crosman 1701P is a .177 caliber air pistol. For shooting competition .177 caliber pellets are used and as already said it is specially designed for shooting competitions therefore it is a .177 caliber pistol.

You can take up to 50 shots with Crosman 1701P one refill. The number of shots can also be more than 50 but for fine speed and accuracy the refill after 50 shots is recommended.

Its weight is 1 kilogram as it is made of Alloy steel. It’s a durable pcp pistol with strong material. Crosman 1701P is USA made.

The overall length of the pistol is 14.75” and length of the barrel is 10.10”. The pressure gauge is given at the bottom of the air tank to check out the pressure level for timely refill.

Crosman 1701P has a special attractive design with a dovetail on the top for the scope and with a 45 cc tank for compressed air. The black color gives an awful look to the Crosman 1701P.

It is tested with noise dosimeter and it was impressive reading which was gain during test. Crosman 1701P create a noise of 88.8 only which less than the Benjamin Marauder pcp air pistol.

Its 2 stage adjustable trigger is quite similar to the Benjamin Marauder’s trigger. The trigger is very soft and take only 1 pound and 1 ounce of power for pressing. It’s a great thing about any pistol because the light power on trigger results in lower recoil as well. Crosman 1701P has no recoil.

Crosman 1701P is single shot air pistol without magazine. You have to put a pellet into the barrel after each shot. Simply saying you need to reload after each shot.

This is the reason which is pulling it back no 3 when compared with Banjamin Marauder and Wood Walker.

Its bolt is very comfortable in reloading. Its pop up and pull back to reload easily and then again push down back at its place after reloading.

It is adjustable on both right and left sides of the pistol and accommodates to the right handers as well as to the left handers.

Crosman 1701P Silhouette PCP-Powered Air Pistol

It is much famous among the target shooter due to its amazing accuracy and affordable price. Its always an attractive offer for the users to get value in lower price range. Crosman 1701P is equipped with this attraction.

The flat botton of the Crosman 1701P pcp air pistol offer the more stability during the shooting as you can put it on the surface and it will well-adjusted at the surface. Using a mouse pad will also be a better option.

The chrony testing is always a great instrument to measure the muzzle velocity and the higher accuracy of the different pellets.

An analyst conducts a chrony test and used the following pellets to check the muzzle velocity of all these pellets. These pellets show the different results in velocity.

  • Premier 7.4 gr
  • Exact Diabolo 8.4 gr
  • Crosman Premier 10.5 gr
  • JSB Diabolo 10.34 gr
  • Gamo 5.4 gr
  • Plastic pellets

Here is a table showing the resultant of the muzzle velocity shown by these pellets.

Brand (Pellet)WeightResult 1Result 2Result 3
Crosman Premier7.4 gr364355360
Exact Diabolo8.4 gr362370365
Crosman Premier10.5 gr310313315
JSB Diabolo10.34 gr360355366
Gamo5.4 gr375399 
Plastic Pellet——-451458 

The plastic pellets show the most higher velocity of 458 fps but these are very light weight and there is probability to astray the shot therefore it is better to use Exact Diabolo 8.4 grams which provides a reasonable muzzle velocity of 370 fps with a weighted pellet for better accuracy.

In accuracy test it is observed that up to 500 yards the accuracy of Crosman 1701P is awesome. It can hit the tiny size pellet from the said distance. No doubt this level of accuracy in this price range is really amazing.

Manual safety is also given by the manufacturer because its about your safety. Manufacturer also give a limited warranty of one year to its buyers.


  • Great accuracy
  • Durable material
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Low noise
  • No recoil
  • Bolt for both right and left handers
  • One-year warranty
  • Pressure gauge


  • Low muzzle velocity as compared to the Marauder
  • No magazine (single shot)
Crosman 1701P Silhouette PCP-Powered Air Pistol

Diana Bandit Air Pistol

The Bandit is another tremendous introduction by the Diana. It’s a made in China PCP air pistol with a lot of exciting features, so lets have a review of all these features for your better guidance.

Diana Bandit PCP Air Pistol air Rifle

It comes with a soft case with a foam inside. It contains a user manual, the air pistol, a magazine and a fill port in the box. The Bandit comes in both .22 and .177 caliber.

Bandit is a Pre-Charged Pneumatics air pistol with 200 bars and 2900 psi with a gauge on front which easily come in sight without pointing the muzzle at you. There is a 50 cc cylinder with the Diana Bandit which can easily refilled with a quick disconnect fill port.

The fill port is connected with the cylinder from a side and the other side of the port will be visible across the cylinder that will assure you the proper fitting of the fill port for a safe refill.

Usually the fill port access is given at the bottom of the cylinder but from the side it is more easily and clean access for connecting and quick disconnect without a problem.

On the Bandit there is a fix suppressor which is a great thing a nice and quit shot because obviously it there will be a little bit bark without it and the suppressor will work for us in this matter.

The length of the riffle is barrel is nine and a half inch with a sharp blade in front of it right between the barrel and the suppressor. The classical metal is used for its making.

If you watch on the breach, for adjustability of rear sight both for windage and elevation the is a 11 mm dovetail up top. You can set a scope over the dovetail if you want.

The Bandit is bolt action and comes with a single shot tray installed into it and a magazine separately for multiple shots. For .22 caliber rifle the magazine is 7 shots and 9 shots in .177 caliber pistol.

To refill the magazine, you can check the manual but for a quick review you can note that the glass covers over the magazine and you just have to rotate that counter clockwise and when it stops you can load your first pellet from the downside with skirt down then start rotating it clockwise and stop at each hole made for the pellet and now all the other pellets will be loaded from the upside with face down and skirt up. isn’t its easy? Yes of course it is.

Diana Bandit PCP Air Pistol air Rifle

The bolt of the Bandit is on the left side which is very loving because it provides you the convenience of quick follow loading quickly and easily. Its nice to reload it with the left hand without losing the focus on your target but if you are leftie there could be a little panic for you to remove your hand from the trigger to reload but the smooth and soft bolt action will surely assist you in it.

The trigger of the bandit is itself a metal blade and it is soft and nice with a safety button right on the top of the trigger. It is DIT Diana improved trigger with an adjustment screw. There is red safety button and when you feel that you are ready to go you just have to push that button down and boom.

The grip is made of classical wood and its very large for a great grip. You can say that it’s a very beefy grip and there is a lot of mass to hold on it. It adds major portion of the total weight of the pistol. The grip is designed for both right handers and the lefties as well.

For accuracy test the two pellets, H&N Field Target Trophy 14.66 GR and JSB Exact Jumbo Domed 15.89 GR used for shooting with .22 caliber Bandit pistol. After shooting 6 pellets of both of the above mentioned companies the results were found that from the distance of 25 yards the H&N CTC was 1.6” and JSB’s CTC was 1.5” on the target card.

Now for checking the accuracy of .177 H&N BARCUDA Match 10.65 GR and JSB Exact Heavy 10.34 GR used again from the distance of 25 yards. The H&N shot in CTC 7/8” and the JSB’s CTC was found 1.25”. The reach to the trigger of the shooter was a little short and if you’ve big hands and a fine grip over the Bandit then you can get better results with it.

The chronograph test shows the following results of both calibers .22 and .177. There was a larger extreme spread.

both calibers .22 and .177

.177 Caliber pistol with H&N BARCUDE Match 10.65 GR gives an average FPS of 703, FPE of 11.69, standard deviation of 42 and extreme spread of 139.

.22 Caliber pistol with JSB Exact Jumbo 15.89 GR gives an average FPS of 641, FPE of 14.5, Standard deviation of 39 and extreme spread of 125.

Trigger Testing show that with 3 shots from each .22 and .177 caliber give the following readings.

The .22 caliber trigger got power of average 13.8 oz and it was gained after testing it three times.

.177 caliber trigger got power of average 14.1 oz and it was also after averaging out the three shots.

Bandit .22 produces maximum sound of 85.9 DB and Bandit .177 produces maximum sound of 85.1 DB.

Finally, we can say that the Bandit from Diana is a pretty good offering as if you see the in the market to get all of these features you have to pay a reasonable price while in this stance the Bandit is significantly less expensive and impressively good with all these amazing features and economical price range.


  • Pressure gauge on the front
  • Side quick disconnect fill port for easy handling
  • Fix suppressor for quit shots
  • Fine metal material
  • Classic wooden grip
  • Handsome muzzle speed with accuracy
  • Metal blade trigger with improved adjustability
  • Safety button (Manual)


  • The shots have a little bit larger extreme spread
Diana Bandit PCP Air Pistol air Rifle

AirForce TalonP Carbine

You should be really excited to know about the compact version of the full size rifle by the air Airforce. The TalonP by the Airforce is a PCP pistol with dynamic features that you will love to get. Lets have a look at some of its specifications and then we will move towards test desk.

Airforce TalonP PCP Air Pistol
Airforce TalonP PCP Air Pistol, Spin-Loc Tank air Pistol

In comparison to the major siblings of Airforce’s Condor and Talon this compact version TalonP, P for pistol is another come with attractive design and high level of engineering which you usually expect from the Airforce.

The TalonP is made of anodized aluminum frame with high quality and durability to provide you a long lasting and fine experience of pcp air pistol for plinking and backyard shooting.

The length of the TalonP is 23 and one quarter inches overall with a 12 inch inside frame rifles load serve altar barrel. It weigh about 3.5 pounds and this is due to premium quality aluminum which provide such a strong and durable frame in this light weight.

Power wheels also includes in the package just like other Airforce rifle to provide you a wide range of adjustability for balance of your preferences for shot per fill up, velocity and energy.

The innovative design of direct flow valve attached on the 213 cubic centimeters tank is specially designed for .25 caliber barrel providing uncompromising power and efficiency with a recommended 3000 psi maximum fill up.

The Airforce TalonP comes with accessories of shoulder stock that clamps on to the tank. 11 mm tri-rail on the TalonP is also a great thing which is needed to raise the hawk 3 to 9 by 40 scope for comfortable viewing position.

One of the most significant thing about TalonP is the alternative fuel sources usage for powering the air pistol, this feature is also given in Airforce’s Condor and Talon rifles. It is for your ease of refilling your air pistol in case if you don’t have high pressure air then you can also use dry nitrogen to refill your pistol.

Another source is Airforce CO2 adaptor which you can buy separately to attach with your air pistol and it is recommended for warmer weather. Alternatively, you can also use 88 grams CO2 cartridge but you have to buy it separately as well.

Just like the Condor and Talon the TalonP pistol has an automatic safety, once you cock the bolt the safety is on and to shot the pellet you have to press the safety button and you are ready to go. You can also de-cock the TalonP simply open the bolt take it off safe hold on to the trigger and pull the trigger and slowly release the bolt for de-cocking.

Lets move towards chrony testing, where co2 and high pressure air used in TalonP, have a look at the results.

After filling the tank at 3000 psi and setting the power wheel at full using .25 caliber pellets JSB Jumbo Exact Kings we got the following results.

TalonP gives the lowest velocity of 905 FPS, highest velocity of 953 FPS and an average velocity of 928 FPS with an extreme spread of 48 FPS and a standard deviation of 18. With 928 FPE the JSB Kings provides power of 49 FPE which is a handsome set of figures.

Again using the same pellets at 3000 psi fill up of tank and setting the power wheel at lowest setting we got the following results.

We have got a low velocity of 849 FPS, high velocity of 873 and the average of 865 FPS and with this we got 42 FPE of energy.

It shows that the variance between high and low power is not too much but setting the power wheel on low will give you more shots per fill up.

Now in the second chronograph test the TalonP is tested with co2 and we have got the following results.

Using the same JSB Kings the low velocity number was 460 FPS, high of 469 and the average velocity was 463 with an extreme spread of just 9 FPS and a standard deviation of 3 with 10 shots string. With co2 at 463 FPS the energy was noted 12 FPE.

In accuracy testing again we use both high pressure air and the co2 to get the results.

In the first accuracy test the TalonP filled up to 3000 psi, with same pellets JSB kings and after setting the power level at 8 the surprising results found from the distance of 20 meters. The CTC wasn’t bigger than the quarter of an inch. Its amazing, wow.

Next co2 used as a power source and the group open up to CTC of 7/16 but still its really good.

The two stage non-adjustable trigger of the TalonP got how much power to press. Its also tested and the average figure was noted at 1 pound and 11.8 ounces. That is nice and incredibly light.

The outdoor sound testing of TalonP shows that its not backyard friendly. By setting the power level at 8 it makes a sound of 103.1 decibels outdoor which is pretty loud and not much suitable for indoor shooting. So be aware and use the hearing protection while shooting indoor and even outdoor as there are no sound dampening parts inside the shroud.

Finally, we will show you how much shots you can get with a full 3000 psi filled tank. Again setting the power level at 8 the TalonP gives 20 consecutive shots and after that the group started to open up. It’s a 50 feet pound air pistol with 213 cc air tank so 20 shots with great accuracy is not a bad figure at all.

88-gram cartridge of co2 also used for checking the number of shots and it gives nearly 70 to 80 shots with great accuracy.


  • Fine built quality (American Made)
  • Light weight
  • Incredible accuracy
  • High power
  • Shoulder stock
  • Multiple power sources
  • Comfortable and handy rubber grip
  • Automatic safety


  • Non-adjustable trigger
Airforce TalonP PCP Air Pistol, Spin-Loc Tank air Pistol

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