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World 5 Best Pellet Trap Review – Buyer Guide 2022

Hunting and Human both starts with the same alphabet and also having a deep relation with each other from the past.

With the passage of time it changes its nature and hunting become the hobby and passion instead of basic necessity.

air gun

You need an air gun as a primary device and a pellet trap to make practice. This article will cover all the aspects you need to know before buying a pellet gun target trap.

Practice makes a man perfect is a well known proverb.

If you wish to never miss your target then what you need to do?

Honestly speaking, you need to get a lot of practice at home in your backyard, lawn, at the roof top or somewhere outside.

Doing a job with complete accessories facilitates you and grants a bunk of ease as well. For making this practice more safe and beneficial you need to buy an appropriate pellet trap.

So let’s start.

Highwild Bullet Trap Box10″ X 10″4.7/05
Champion Traps and Targets10″ x 11″4.6/ 05
BBTac Airsoft Target with Auto-Reset4.5/05
Five Swing Self Reset Pellet Trap20cm x 16cm x16cm 4.4/ 05

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What is Pellet Trap?

What is Pellet Trap?

It is a device to catch the pellets while practicing for marksmanship. Pellet trap will capture the shot and restrain it from bouncing back. It used for projectiles collection during shooting.

Pellet traps will give you a high level of satisfaction about your safety and enable you to practice freely anywhere.

How you can concentrate over shooting with keeping a permanent threat in your mind?

Pellet traps work for it to grant you mental peace regarding threats and harms. But don’t forget to wear glasses.

Why to use Pellet Trap

Why to use Pellet Trap

It is made with solid material to bear the high caliber fire of shot gun. With the use of pellet trap you can avoid from the possible damages which may cause in case of stray shot.

Some pellet guns have a strong shot velocity and can make a swear damage.

To avoid from it you need to choose a suitable pellet trap with reliable material and durability aspects. I will helps you out and will give a detailed guide about it.

Importance of Pellet Trap

Importance of Pellet Trap

The nominal range of the pellet guns is upto 500 yards but while practicing when you will fire from a closer distance it can be lethal and seriously injurious.

It can cause for a major injury to the sensitive parts of the body i.e. eyes, ears and face.

Now you will feel the significance of the pellet trap.

A device which can catch the pellet to stop it from bouncing back and making some injure to you, your family members, your pet or other households like your precious LED TV hanging on the wall.

Buying Guide

Here is the list of the aspects you need to consider before buying the right pellet trap.


Check the durability of the product as if its not durable enough can cause for some kind of danger.

Suppose you are shooting at target with your air gun and your flimsy pellet trap broke down and the slugs get out of control then it may be pretty harmful in this case.

So you shouldn’t compromise over durability of pellet trap as its all about safety. Be safe and be careful while choosing the right product.


Its also about durability that your pellet trap is made of what type of material.

Furthermore it also need to be considered because if it is not made of quality material this will enhance the risk of safety breakout and leads towards augmented cost which you will have to bear.

Product of inferior quality will be damaged soon and you have to buy a new pellet trap for you again and again.

So be fair and friendly with your pocket and don’t be impetuous while buying a pellet trap.


Size of the pellet trap matters a lot. You need to buy a pellet trap which should be considerably proper in size.

If you are a novice and want to make practice then a pellet trap of smaller size is not a suitable option for you. Because the pellet trap of smaller size will cover a limited area and if your shot astray then it will goes out of the box.

So, keep in mind the size of the product and choose it according to your expertise.

Echo Friendly

While buying a pellet trap make sure that if it is noisy and disturbing then your purchase is useless. That will cause for perturb to the other family members and your neighbors as well.

Well check the sound proofing of the pellet trap. If the heavy material is used it will absorb the pressure of the slugs and will create a nominal noise which will not agitate the others.

Be much careful if you don’t want to listen this sentence “Hey Jack, your shotgun practice making me annoyed and restless” from your neighbor.


Be price sensitive and make a detailed comparative analysis of multiple products available in the market. I will provide you a list of top selling products in market you may choose your desired one from them.

Normally pellet trap is available from the range of $$ to $$$. But price totally depends upon the product as you shouldn’t have to compromise over quality against spending a few extra perks.

Safety is more sensitive matter than the money so be conscious about it and make a perfect combination of reasonable price and fine quality.

Safety Measures

One of core purposes of using pellet trap is safety. So just check out whether its having proper safety material or not.  It is for your personal safety, safety of the others, safety of the households and of surroundings as well.

What will make it safer in use?

Material used in its making, durability of the product, and size etc. The above stated buying guide provides you enough information if you will look into it with safety point of view.

Types of Pellet Trap

If you look at size, shape, design or structure there are numerous types of pellet traps. But if we do segregation on basis of material there are four main types of pellet trap which are usually used and designed. Some pellet trap structures can be designed at home and some need to buy as those are made by the producers keeping in view the specific purpose of the product. No doubt making pellet trap at home can be cheaper in price but we also cannot refrain from the fact that product made by some special producer would have extra features and reliability as compared to the home made.

Plywood Backstop

First of all we will discuss about the pellet trap made of the simple plywood sheet. It is simple and easy to hang anywhere. It’s a better option than shooting at the wall as the pellet can reflect from the wall and may cause some damage. Plywood sheet basically work as a backstop and pellets would deflect on the ground. But still there are chances of stray shot because there are no outer boundaries or box covering that plywood. It’s just a small piece of wooden wall. It will also create a massive noise which will be distressing for the people around you.

Plywood Box Trap

It is made of 1” plywood sheet and can also be made at home. You need to make a box and hang target paper at the front of the box. Put duct seal into the box to make it quit. It will block the pellets and the duct seal will work as silencer and as well as stop the pellets from hitting the back wall of the pellet trap’s plywood sheet. But if you will continue to shot at one target which is quite harder if you are not a professional then the pellets can make roam and possibly will hit the sheet at the back side. Another thing to address is the weight as it will become heavier with each additional shot. The weight of duct seal and the led pellets will continuously make it heavier.

Cardboard Box

It’s the most appropriate option in homemade pellet traps. Take a cardboard box of 10” X 12” X 12” and fill it with rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is the crushed pieces of tyres. You can make it at home or can buy from a nearby store. But make sure it should not be the wood but purely rubber mulch. Put a piece of towel at the base of the box and fill it with rubber mulch. Paste a legal size paper at the outer wall of the box as targets and start practicing.   

Steel Rimfire Trap

Next option is quite better as it has some sort of outer walls to store the pellets into it. It’s more durable than the first one. It can bear the extra heavy shots and can collect the              pellets shots of air guns of extended caliber. But the main drawback of this trap is its annoying noise. It will create a horrible voice in case if you shot a fire with a powerful PCP. If you want to use it outdoor then it will work great. Its easily available on stores and online.

Led Pellet Trap

Its manufactured and sold out commercially and specially designed for pellet collection of air gun. Its made of heavy sheets of led and can bear shots of more than 25-caliber without any issue. Its heavy sheets can absorb the velocity of high caliber fires without creating a louder sound. No doubt there will be a tiny “Thwack” when the pellet will hit the led sheet but its not too much irritating and disturbing for the surroundings. Its available in multiple designs and sizes. You can still fill it up with some sound proofing material like duct seal or rubber mulch etc.  

Here are top-rated pellet trap box please check.

Highwild Bullet Trap Box for .22/.17 Caliber (Rimfire Only)

Highwild Bullet Trap Box for .22/.17 Caliber (Rimfire Only)

As the practice is much important for being a good hunter or shooter in the same way a best pellet trap is also necessary for making practice.

Highwild bullet/pellet trap for .22 and .177 caliber pellets is at number one in our top rated pellet traps.

Lets have a look at the core features of this pellet trap which will be helpful for you to choose it from the available offerings in the market.

Highwild Bullet Trap box is made of high quality and durable metal stuff to grant you a long lasting and confident use of this trap box.

Highwild Bullet Trap Box for .22/.17 Caliber

Heavy steel is used with power coated material at the back of the pellet trap for durability and resilience.

Highwild bullet trap box is cable to handle both .22 and .177 caliber pellets and rimfire rounds.

Its not a matter of panic for you either you have .22 or .177 rifle it will serve you in the both conditions.

It provides you the solution for handling multiple kind of pellets in a single buying.

It is best for soft-noise rimfire rounds and the air gun pellets but be aware that only use the non-steel pellets for the long lasting usage of the Highwild pellet trap with optimum and durable results.

It is not recommended to use steel pellets as it may decrease the life of the trap box.

As its easy to catch and stop the pellets fired from your horny air gun in the same way its handy to use because of its construction which provide you the ease of collecting and cleaning the pellet trap with great convenience.

You can use the Highwild Bullet Trap Box with full confidence at a minimum distance of 30 yards when shooting with .22 caliber rounds or pellets.

While in case of .177 caliber pellets it is recommended to keep it at a minimum distance of 75 yards.

This instruction given by the manufacturer shows that how it is made of heavy steel as it can bear the heavy shot of .22 caliber pellets from a minor distance of 30 yards.

Its really great and the extended minimum range for .177 caliber pellets is due to extra ordinary muzzle velocity of these pellets.

Highwild Bullet Trap Box for .22/.17 Caliber

Its will sound awesome to hear that the Highwild pellet trap isn’t single. Hey! I don’t mean to say that its married but it comes with some sort of extra accessories or gift items.

Yes, you will get a couple of 10” target papers, one clip to fix the target papers at the trap box and a cardboard backer to prevent the target paper from moving back repeatedly. Isn’t its great? Yes of course.

The gift items enhance the value of this pellet trap which is already having such an outstanding quality because in other case you have to buy all these accessories separately which will increase the cost of the pellet trap and you can said that Highwild bullet trap box is economical in price as well.

Highwild is best for both indoor and outdoor usage without any kind of restriction regarding indoor or outdoor usage.

It is easy to set up and convenient in cleaning and winding up the Highwild pellet trap. So its not a thing to miss out with numerous qualities.


  • Rated for both .22 and .177 caliber pellets
  • Fine quality material
  • Power coated steel construction
  • Heavy steel back
  • Durable
  • Comes with gift item (target cards, clip and cardboard backer)
  • Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use


  • Not suitable for centrefire rounds
  • Not recommended for .25 caliber pellets

Champion Traps and Targets .22 Bullet Trap (Rimfire Only)

Champion Traps and Targets Bullet Trap is another high quality Bushnell product by Vista Outdoor Sales LLC. The origin country of the manufacturer is China.

Champion pellet trap is specifically designed for .22 caliber pellets (Rimfire Only).

Its durable stuff high quality finish and making is well enough to keep it at number 2 in our list.

As it is a bit costly as compared to the Highwild bullet trap box that’s why the Highwild stands at the top of the list.

Champion pellet trap’s dimension are 9.5 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches. Its weight is 2.2 pounds and its easy to carry and even put in your bag while leaving for shooting practice outdoor.

The offered target area of this bullet trap is 10 x 11 inches. Its well enough to fire from a reasonable distance.

This target area is ideal for making practice and be a professional shooter as you will be much careful while shooting and using a larger target area can make you relaxed about astray shot this will leads towards careless shot which is not fair.

In pellet traps the quality of the material used is a major factor to consider by the manufacturer as it is all about the safety of the user.

A product with inferior quality may cause for a serious harm to the shooter or the people around him/her.

For the reason said above the Champion trap is made of considerably well and durable material to provide you a long lasting experience of using the high quality pellet trap with enhanced safety and satisfaction.

Its construction is a master piece of art according to the quality hunting products. Its internal area is designed in such a way that it prevents the bouncing back of the BB’s to provide maximum safety to the user and the people around.

Champion bullet trap is made of supreme quality compressed steel to bear the shock of the .22 caliber pellet with an extended velocity.

The Champion pellet trap have the capacity to bear the .22 caliber pellet fired even at the muzzle velocity of 1300 FPE. No doubt it sounds great to hear that a tiny pellet trap is strong enough to bear such a high speed shot without any problem.

Champion bullet trap is called as go anywhere trap. It means you will feel convenient to move anywhere with your trap box and set it up quickly and easily for making practice. Its handy and light for carrying and setting up at any place.

I love to get gifts and you? Surely you will be delighted to know that the Champion pellet trap comes with extra hunting range gear targets for increasing your shooting skills.

Its not over, as you will also get a bulldog target clip in the package to keep your target card fix at the place. These are the accessories which are indispensable with a pellet trap and you have to buy all these separately but thanks to the Champion who is kind enough to provide these items as a gift, really its awesome.

Its easy to set, fix, clean up the Champion pellet trap. You can use it in your garage, backyard or at any outdoor place as it familiar with all the places where you want to go for shooting practice.


  • High quality steel material
  • Durable product
  • Safe construction to stop the pellets from bouncing back
  • Can be used with high velocity air rifles
  • Come with extra gear targets and bulldog clip
  • Go anywhere trap box


  • A little bit costly

BBTac Airsoft Target with Auto-Reset – Best For Indoor

Here we are going to add up a BB airsoft rifle pellet trap for the for kids and airsoft rifle users. Its comes with a net catcher with dual targets. Three round targets get fixed in the pellet trap while you can also use paper targets in it. Let’s have a look at the features of BBTac airsoft pellet trap.

BBTac Airsoft Target with Auto-Reset

BBTac Airsoft target is designed to catch the BBs used as the projectiles in the airsoft sports.

Basically airsoft rifles are those which are used in airsoft sports in which non-metallic projectiles used.

These projectiles are known as BBs. The BBs are made of biodegradable resin material or plastic.

BBTac airsoft trap box is mechanically made to auto reset the targets and it contain no battery.

You have no need to recharge any battery which drives the target to reset for shooting. Its mechanical auto reset targets option without any battery make it distinguish and facilitating.

There is a metal frame and a couple of poles to attach on the both sides length wise at the top and the bottom.

There are holes in the frame to fix these poles inside which you can find out easily and the fixture of the poles is really easy.

Make sure that the poles are moving freely after setting up in the frame. Additionally, there is mesh net three targets and instructions in the box.

The mesh trap is removable and you can set up it very quickly and easily. Mesh net offer a handsome collection of BBs and these can be also used again as the net keep on collecting them without any damage. The mesh net fixed over the frame just like a fitted sheet.

There are three round targets with the trap box in three different sizes and you can set them in the frame in any sequence you want. But I would suggest you to set them left to right and larger to smaller because once you shot the target it will be pushed downward and then the second one will also remain down until you hit the third target and after hitting to the third target all the three will be again popped up automatically.

There is also an option to set two target cards in front of the frame in BBTac pellet box. It provides you the diversified shooting experience so, you may choose any option from target card shooting or round target shooting.

You can easily place it on table or any object because it will not move from its place due to elasticity of mesh net which capture the BBs easily and the other reason is the soft airsoft gunshot which normally has lesser FPE.


  • Quick and easy set up
  • Durable metal outer frame
  • Strong mesh net
  • Dual target option (Plastic round and paper targets)
  • Light weight and easily portable


  • Do not favorable for high velocity shots
  • Not for metal projectiles

Five Swing Self Reset Airgun Target & Pellet Trap

Five Swing Self Reset Airgun Target & Pellet Trap

Here we are going to introduce you a self-reset air gun pellet trap by Target House. Self-reset and solid design with five target of metal and high quality steel make this product a premium one among the other available traps in market.

The only thing which push it back at number five is its slightly higher price but if can afford it then you can rank it by your own. I would help you out in doing an assessment about the product by elaborating its core features and functionality.

The Target House make this product specifically for the hunters to improve their shooting and hunting skills. One should have to be excelled in marksmanship before going for hunting and this is just possible by making more and more practice. For making practice this pellet trap is a perfect item.

The width of this pellet trap is 8 inches, 6.5 inches deep and 6.5 inches in length as well. Its measures assure you to get a reasonable roam for shooting on targets and the chances of astray shots reduced.

The pellet trap made of high quality steel to bear the shots with higher velocity and power. The targets are also made of very durable and hard metal so you can use the pellet trap for a longer period of time.

It comes in two attractive and solid colors one is black and other is green. There is a coating of quality thick paint or something like epoxy. Both of colors are nice and good looking so, the beauty with the durability is an extra feature.

There are five metal target in the pellet trap and the beautiful thing about these targets is the self-reset option. What is self-reset and how it works? When we said self-reset it sounds like some sort of automatic option or battery to reset the target automatically but there are no such complications.

Self-reset works in such a way that when you hit the outer targets which are round shaped two on the left and two on the right side of the middle square and a bit larger target, they stuck back at the inner top side of the trap box. While when you hit the middle and the larger target which is in square shape it brings down all the other four targets and they are ready to go again. The mechanism of the pellet trap is automatic in resetting the targets.

There is spot on the back wall of the pellet trap box to hang it on the wall and two screw holes at the bottom as well to mount it down on a table or at the surface of something else. It is recommended to mount it down by the screw holes because when you shot a high power projectile it will keep it firmly bound and the pellet trap will not bounce.

There are slots on the both sides at the bottom of the side walls of the pellet trap box. These slots are kept to empty out the pellet trap when loaded with the projectiles. The pellet trap emptied by sliding it either way.


  • High quality steel body and metal targets
  • Self-reset targets
  • Available in two colors
  • Durable product
  • Best for indoor and outdoor shooting


  • A little bit costly

Super Target Systems Bullet Trap

Super Target Systems Bullet Trap

Super Target Systems Bullet Trap is a great addition for the gun range. This high quality bullet trap is made from steel and has a high quality ballistic rubber panel that will catch the bullet and reduce noise impact. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

This bullet trap is best for .22, 9 mm, .38 special, .40, .45 ACP and .357 Magnum calibers ammo. It is 12″ x 12″ target area and 10″ deep.

This product is made from steel with high quality ballistic rubber panel to withstand many years of use. This bullet trap has a handle and bolt holes to hold it in place. It also has lead dust and reduced noise impact.

At 35 lbs it is light and easy to move around the range to where you want it to be. It has handle and bolt holes so it can be held in place where you want it.

This product meets all requirements of the law, ATF regulations, California State law and local ordinances.


  • Easy to maintain, clean and operate.
  • It allows for a safe shooting experience.
  • Its design is portable and requires no installation.
  • It has a low maintenance cost.
  • Its design offers a simple assembly process.
  • It is ideal for indoor shooting ranges.


  • It is expensive, but the price matches the quality of the product.
Super Target Systems Bullet Trap

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