Best Range Bag Reviews

5 Best Range Bag Reviews and Buyer Guide 2022

If you’re a shooting enthusiasts or competitive shooter, the best range bag can mean the difference between a good day at the range or a frustrating one.

Today’s bags are compact enough that you don’t look like you’re lugging luggage around yet well designed that you can fit all your target shooting necessities.

While some may prefer just getting a simple case to carry their weapon around, a shooting range bag is much more versatile in that you get to have extra space to easily bring your other necessary tools like Allen wrenches and screwdrivers.

Plus it lets you store your protective eye gear, earmuffs or ear plugs and cleaning kit separately.

Now there are a lot of different makes and styles available, here are the ones we feel are worth a look.

Rangemaster Explorer Gear Bag

Range Bag Handguns Tactical Gear Shooting Gun Padded Pistol Case Ammo Black

The Rangemaster Gear Bag Large comes with seven zipped compartments along with two gun pouches. There are also seven magazine pockets inside the bag.

The bag is strong and very light when empty. The design of the bag, its zipper positions are ideal for quick loading and rough handling.

The dividers are along the width of the bag. They can be moved to preference and are sturdy when locked into position by the Velcro straps.

The threads holding the bag are tough, they won’t tear even in regular overloading of the bag.

The side compartments are large and airy, making it easy to store water, quick-use tools, and other basic necessity items.

You’ve been looking for a great range bag, and this might be the one!

Durable material will last through any adventure.

This Range Bag is made from 600-denier polyester fabric with 11 magazine pouches 4 in rear compartment and 7 on front compartment .

Multiple pockets for all your gear.

The magazine pockets are tight, which can also fit mobiles, torch lights, cards and lean tools. It also features adjustable inner partitions as well as 2 zipper handgun pouches. The dimensions of this bag are 13.5″x 1″ x 7.5″.

Keep your pistol safe and secure.

Don’t wait to purchase yours today!

1. Airy.
2. Tight finish.
3. Simple and inexpensive.
4. Lasts long.
5. Comes with two pouches.

1. Small for rifles.

GunMate Range Bag

GunMate 1919687 Range Bag , Black

GunMate’s Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers is a simple bag for carrying pistol sets to range. It comes two gun rugs that can easily hold the largest pistols in the market.

GUNMATE Range Bag 22520 – Keep all of your gear in its place when not being carried, with this rugged range bag from Gunmate.

The main compartment is covered by a rollup flap with zippers on both sides for quick access.

In addition, the interior has a padded, removable firearm rug to house two handguns, depending on their length.

Lockable zippered side compartments each hold a removable, padded pistol rug.

Meets airline requirements for most major airlines as carry-on luggage.

It also comes with the option of having the cover attached to your luggage. The smaller side compartments each contain a removable, padded pistol rug.

The case is designed to store and carry two handguns; we recommend we include an extra lock, along with extra ammunition and range supplies, in this bag.

The main compartment can be divided if needed to tightly pack all the contents in the bag.

It can easily house an entire gun ranger’s equipment from goggles, cleaning set, gloves, ear protectors, spare parts, and a large amount of ammunition.

For the price, this bag is steal as the material and finished quality is unbeatable for the price. It is a must have if you are buying a new pistol, for it will last for years without tear or damage.

The ideal case for transporting two handguns, a spotting scope, shooting glasses, ear protectors, ammo, cleaning supplies, etc.


  • Incredibly cheap.
  • Comes with two gun rugs.
  • Clean design.
  • Strong built.
  • Neat and tight straps.


  • Not for big guns.

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