Types of Air Gun Pellets

Different Types of Air Gun Pellets, What is Their Use?

So you want to start shooting with your airgun?

Well before you pick out your rifle, scope and other accessories, you’ll need to decide on the load that will work best for you.

Lucky for you, there are many different types of pellets available for your airgun and depending on what type of shooting you’re doing will dictate what type you use.

Air rifle pellets can be made from different materials, alloyed together to produce the best results in the airsoft game.  

The most common class of pellets are lead-based, made out of lead, bismuth, and tin or antimony.  

There are also copper-based pellets, which is seen more in high-powered rifles for hunting small game.

How Choos the Right Pellet

Choosing the right pellet can make all the difference in the world when it comes to accuracy and distance.

The construction of pellets varies in size, weight, and shape. Considerations must be made based on several different factors before choosing the right air rifle pellet for your air gun.

These factors include the type of project you are doing, the distance at which you are shooting and even temperature will play a big role in determining the best choice.

There are 7 different types of pellets available for your airgun and depending on what type of shooting you’re doing will dictate what type you use.

For example, if quietness is a concern, then the copper-plated round nose pellet might be ideal for your needs.

Of course, there is much more to it than just quietness with this particular style of pellet. It also can create clean holes in targets that can provide an accurate indication of where shots have landed even at long ranges (greater than 50 yards). 

The two most common air rifle pellet sizes are .177 and .22 while the smaller .20 and .25 size pellets known as “BB Pellets” are more suited for air pistols.

The best way to pick the right air rifle pellet for your gun is to first determine what you’re going to use it for.


Diabolo pellet

The world of airguns is constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep track of the latest innovations. One such example of innovation and the latest craze in the world of airguns is a diabolo pellet.

Are diabolo pellets good?

The diabolo pellet shape is probably the most widely used pellet design today. A diabolo pellet has a narrower waist as compared to its head and its skirt. Diabolo pellets are sometimes referred to as wasp waist or waisted pellets.

It is slightly heavier than a hollow point or hp that is made from lead, yet it is still lighter than a bullet.

The head of a diabolo pellet can be solid, while the skirt or the flared end of this pellet is usually hollow.

The specialized shape and design of the diabolo pellet contribute significantly to achieving two of its best-known qualities: stability and accuracy.

The diabolo pellet shape promotes two uniformity and stability throughout the trajectory of the shot.

The willow leaf design also contributes to producing higher speeds compared with hollow nose pellets. 

The quietest air rifle is one of the most important features for any airgun user because every hunter wants to fire as little noise as possible, especially if he/she is hunting in a neighborhood or other populated area.

While it can be difficult to find an absolutely quiet gun that shoots pellets, diabolo pellets are the quietest pellet design.

Other factors can contribute to the noise of fired shots as well, so choosing an air rifle with a quiet report is not always sufficient to guarantee quietness.

Best for
  • Target practice
  • Small-game hunting

Wadcutter Pellets

Wadcutter pellets are specifically designed for paper targets. The flat nose punches a crisper, rounder hole to ensure easier scoring.

It’s a flat-headed pellet that leaves an open, round hole on paper targets used in shooting competitions and for target practice. The flat head design ensures clean holes on paper targets for easy scoring.

The Wadcutter Pellets are perfect for honing accuracy and are available in a tin of 250 pellets. This wadcutter pellet is the standard and most practical pellet for plinking and backyard target practice.

The wadcutter pellet is perfect for helping to sharpen accuracy at short distances, maximizing your shooting experience.

The Wadcutter Pellets are available in .177 and .22 caliber and can be used with any air rifle, air pistol, or handgun.

Airgunners looking for a pellet that will knock small-sized varmints down should try the Wadcutter pellets.

These pellets expand to make a large surface area for easy knockdown.

Also, they do not penetrate through ensuring you don’t shoot the bunny behind the bunny you want to bring down.

Best For
  • Small prey
  • Mid-sized prey
  • Long-distance shots

Domed Pellets

Domed pellets are most commonly used in competition shooting, pest control and plinking. This type is most suitable for target shooting because of its balance between knockdown force and accuracy.

Domed pellets are excellent even for hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels.

Domed pellets work by taking a sharp point and curving it inward, like an orange peel. This shape causes the pellet to spin and stabilize as it travels through the air.

The spin causes the pellet to have a higher speed, which will optimize your accuracy.

It is also ideal for those who shoot from long distances because the spin will be less disrupted.

This unique shaping will reduce leading as well as keep your shots stabilized for better accuracy at longer ranges!

One of the major reasons why this kind of ammunition is highly favored is because it has very minimal jamming possibility when it gets stuck in the barrel.

Domed pellets will not spin like a wadcutter pellet and thus it will resist the torque and twist in the air. It will maintain its trajectory under extreme conditions and deliver precision shots.

Best For
  • Small prey
  • High powered air rifles
  • Long-distance hunting

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