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Hatsan HC125SN22 125 Sniper Combo .22 Air Rifle Review [Why You need This]

Hatsan has been in the business of making high quality airguns for a very long time. The company’s reputation for quality is well deserved.

In that regard, Hatsan maintains it’s tradition by producing high quality airguns such as the Hatsan 125 Sniper.

Hatsan has been a premium brand of air guns since 2009, manufacturing high-quality and convenient products for the shooting enthusiast.

Hatsan is based and manufactured in Turkey under ISO 9001 quality standards.

They were awarded the European CE certificate, meeting all European Union (EU) and U. S. A. regulations.

Finding a quality air gun at an affordable price and light enough for young shooters can be difficult.

Allow my years of experience as an airgun expert and lifelong hunter to help you find the right airgun.

I’ve worked behind the scenes with several national retailers and manufacturers, such as Cabela’s, Walmart and many others.

That said, I’m going to show you what I believe is the best Hatsan sniper package on the market right now.

The HC125SN22 uses a single-shot break barrel spring piston air rifle.

It comes with the TruGlo fiber optic open sights, which are adjustable for both windage and elevation.

The stock is a black synthetic stock with an adjustable cheek rest.

Muzzle velocity is up to 1000 fps using lead pellets and 950 fps using alloy pellets.

This air rifle has a rifled steel barrel featuring 14 lands and grooves.

It also has an integrated sound moderator, which helps to reduce the report of the gun’s shot by up to 50 decibels.


The Model 125 Sniper is a powerful air rifle with magnum-class performance. Its precision rifled steel barrel generates muzzle energy of up to 31 Ft Lbs. and the patented two stage Quattro trigger system delivers an extremely light, crisp pull. The energy generated by the 125 Sniper is more than enough to dispatch small game such as rabbits, squirrels and raccoon.


Fitted with Polytech’s patented SAS (Shock Absorber System), the 125 Sniper absorbs much of the recoil, making it a joy to shoot, even for extended periods.


An integral part of the 125 Sniper’s accuracy potential is its precision rifled steel barrel. The rifling has a twist rate of 1:16″ and the bore is designed to deliver superior accuracy right out of the box.


The 125 Sniper features a sound moderator that reduces noise without affecting power, allowing you to hunt without spooking your prey or annoying your neighbors. It also comes with TruGlo fiber optic open sights that are fully adjustable for windage and elevation, as well as an 11mm/22mm optics rail for mounting your preferred sight system. To ensure comfortable shooting sessions, this air rifle has been equipped with an ambidextrous synthetic stock with soft inlays and a rubber recoil pad. The 125 Sniper also features an automatic safety, anti-bear trap mechanism for added safety, and the Quattro trigger system that delivers an extremely light, crisp pull.


The Model 125 Sniper is perfect for hunting small game in the field. Its low recoil makes it easy to shoot accurately and repeatedly, while still delivering magnum-class performance. Mount a target scope or other accessories on the 11mm/22mm optics rail for added precision.

This is an excellent one shot pellet rifle! The trigger is Quattro, 2 stage adjustable. This makes for a very nice, light trigger. The break barrel is easy to cock and the synthetic stock does not have any strange smells from being new.


The scope is 4×32 with a sun shade which makes it a lot more enjoyable to aim in low light situations. It also has TruGlo fiber optic open sights that are fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

Bottom Line

This would be a great rifle for anyone looking for an affordable, yet accurate air rifle! I definitely recommend this gun to anyone out there!

Whether it’s hunting small game in the field, shooting competition or air gun fun, you’ll love the power and accuracy of this air rifle!

Hatsan HC125SN22 125 Sniper Combo Air Rifle, .22, black is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com!

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